Basic Truths About Varolo Business Opportunity

Recently, I ran across a work at home job ad that caught my attention, so, I responded. I quickly discovered that the offer was not a job at all, but, a business opportunity. Which was cool because I have been working at home as an internet marketer for over six years and was quite used to trying out new opportunities. One thing that all business opportunities have in common is that it’s not ‘easy’ money or ‘get rich quick’, it’s hard work involved. The only companies that offer quick money are the scammers and I avoid them like the plague.

So, what sets Varolo apart from the scammers that I have encountered in the past? Varolo is absolutely free to join. There is never any pressure to sell anything, unless you just want to. And what I mean by that, is that Varolo, being an advertising company allows its members to make extra money by presenting Varolo to potential advertisers, and give those advertisers a promo code that gives them 250 free credits. If an advertiser signs up and runs their ad on Varolo, the member earns a commission. So, what if you don’t want to sell ads? Well, you can be like the majority of the members, you can get paid to watch video ads, as well as, get paid for the ads watched by members of your down line or village and their villagers. To top off these two great money-making opportunities, each ad watched is like a ‘ticket’ that is automatically entered into the Varolo jackpot for that week. So, if 100 ads are watched, then, 100 entries (sometimes more, depending on the length of the ads) are made in a chance to win the Varolo jackpot. Most jackpots are $450 or more.

There it is, a ground floor business opportunity, and Varolo offers a number of ways for members to earn money. Should you decide to get in on this no risk opportunity, keep in mind that you can opt to just watch ads and do nothing else. Each view will automatically enter you in the jackpot drawing each week. Or, maybe you want to earn extra money, so, you can get a few friends to sign up with Varolo in your down line and encourage them to do the same. Maybe you could take it a step further and do a little online advertising and get a hundred people to sign with you and their friends with them. Do you see where I am going with this? An added bonus is Varolo gives users points for each ad watched and they accumulate and can be cashed in for very nice prizes. Then, to top it off, you have the option of contacting local businesses and asking them to sign up and advertise with Varolo and give them 250 free advertising credits. It’s a win, win situation all the way round.

The truths about Varolo are interesting to say the least. You may be wondering if this is a legitimate business opportunity. The truth is, I did a lot of Google searches for Varolo and any scamming, and I came up empty. Varolo has a solid reputation among its users and advertisers. Varolo also has a support system, cause we all know that it helps to have someone to bounce ideas off of. Take the Varolo Tour, then, immediately click register to start your journey with Varolo.

Let’s go over the basic truths about Varolo. One, it’s FREE to join, that means no investment is required, ever. All you need is access to a computer about 20 – 30 minutes a day. No experience is required, because of the great training , informational videos and support. Even teens can join, as long as they are 13 years old and over – Varolo Business Opportunity: Great for Teens and College Students. And another wonderful truth is payments are made weekly via PayPal. So, here we go again with the win-win situations. I hope you will give Varolo a try, and assess these truths for yourself.