Baseball Foods: What Are You Taking to the Game?

What types of food does your family like to bring to snack on while watching the baseball games? My son has played baseball since he was 4 years old, he’s 17 now, a junior in high school. Needless to say, we have figured out what are the best foods to bring to the game!

Cheese sticks: Our family likes to add the cheese sticks to the cooler, they are individually wrapped, easy to open and slide right in the cooler without having to put them into anything else. It’s a good healthy pick me up for the games. They offer mozzarella, mild cheddar and even a marbled cheese stick, we like the mozzarella ones best because the cheese peels into strings and they are fun to eat.

Sunflower Seeds: According to my husband, the ballgame may NOT start until the seeds are bought! Sunflower seeds come in a great variety of flavors, regular, jalapeno, cheddar cheese, nacho cheese, pickle, ranch, hot sauce, bar-b-que, salt and vinegar; I’m sure I missed a few. They also come in jumbo size, which aren’t really very jumbo, but as far as seeds go they are bigger.

There is an art to eating seeds, first you get a handful and pop the whole thing into your mouth, choose a side to put them in, I usually use the right side of my mouth, then with your tongue, you have to move one seed to the left side of the mouth, maneuver the seed to its side and crack open with you teeth, next you have to move the shell out of the way so you can get to the seed inside, spit the shell and eat the seed! Repeat this sequence until all the seeds in your mouth are gone. Then just repeat the whole process and you’ve eaten the whole bag of seeds. Oh, I forgot to mention, sometime you might get a bad seed and the taste is horrid, also the bags sometime have a small stick or two in them, they’re not very tasty either, so beware!

A warning the salt will sometime get the inside of your mouth or your tongue get a little raw from consuming too many seeds during a whole game, worse if it’s a double header! My lips do get chapped sometime too. It’s as simple as that! But like my husband says, the game must NOT start without the seeds!

Grapes: How about some grapes? Grapes are a great little pick-me-up. Have you tried frozen grapes? They are great! Just clean them and put them in the freezer the night before and pop them in a baggie, I like to use the snack size bags and put about a dozen grapes in them each and it’s just the right snack! On game day, just plop the baggies into the cooler and they are ready to go!

There are several types of grapes also, there is a Concord grape, very tasty like grape Kool Aid, but they do have seeds. The Perlettes grape are the light green, almost football shaped, but tart grapes. Ruby grapes are red in color and quite sweet. Black Monnukas grapes are a deep blue color they are little less firm but are still a great grape. Black Venus grapes are big deep black grapes are also popular. Last is the Champagne Table grapes, they are small grapes that are red or green and very sweet.

Peanuts: No baseball game would be right without peanuts. We like the roasted, salted peanuts in the shell, a big bag of peanuts give you that extra protein boost and gives your hands something to do when your in a tough situation with the game. Like when your son is pitching and there’s a full count and the next pitch is a ball…Then you have to start the whole pitching sequence over again! If you’re a nail biter, this will help your fingers not to get sore! It’s also a plus because you’re not eating as much as you think, to get them open and eat them take up more time than it takes to eat them if they are in a jar.

The bags of peanuts we buy come already printed with the St. Louis Cardinals Baseball team on them! So when we go to the Cardinals game we’re ready! Go Cards!

Water: As far as drinks go…it’s water all the way! We buy the individual bottles and the drink packets. There’s no fighting over who gets what drink, just throw the water in the cooler — ours is soft-sided and has a pouch on the outside and we throw a handful of drink flavors in — and you can have plain water or the packets come is an array of flavors, such as cherry, lemonade, grape, strawberry, orange, black cherry. I know there’s more I haven’t mentioned. And it’s so easy!

I hope you like our suggestions for bringing food along to the baseball games. Like I said we have it down to an art now with all the games we have attended. Baseball is America’s favorite past time and our family’s included! Play ball!