Baseball Card Collections: My Favorites

I have two serious collections in my life: baseball cards and stamps. Yes, I have a few collector Barbies and some significant football, wrestling and basketball collectibles. Stamps became a hardship when countries found out people would shell out hundreds of dollars to get a special stamp or first day issue. I continue to add to my baseball card collection here and there. Since there is no younger family member who will take on the cause when I am gone, I just concentrate on fun new issues for the current season and buy one or two sets.

My Nolan Ryan autographed cards got stolen several years ago. Aside from the fact that I really like Nolan Ryan, I felt terrible because I knew I would never get another Nolan Ryan autographed card with the Certificate of Authenticity again. I was lucky enough to win it years ago and Nolan has continued to excel in all his baseball endeavors. We were fortunate enough to get some of our things back that were taken.

I took down a few of my card albums and starting flipping through them. This is a dangerous thing for me to do because I like to compare the stats to more current cards and remember when uniforms changed and trades happened and so on. In other words, I got lost in the moment.

As I continued looking and thinking and remembering I realized several things. Some of my favorite baseball players ended up with mud on their shoes, like Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Jose Canseco. I will always remember the look on Dennis Eckersley’s face as the A’s lost the series when a run was scored off a pitch that should never have been hittable. I love the game of baseball.

My 1989 TOPPS All Star card #401 of Jose Canseco (AL – Oakland Athletics) is worth at least a dollar. On September 23, 1988, Jose stole two bases while playing against Milwaukee and became the first 40-40 player in Major League history with 42 home runs and 40 stolen bases.

I have the 1990 Mother’s Cookies card 3 of 4 showing Mark McGwire with the Oakland Athletics. I am not sure what the card is worth. Sometimes odd limited company cards gain value because not many were produced and the pictures are incredible, as this one is.

My 1989 DONRUSS All Star card #16 of Dennis Eckersley with the Oakland Athletics is also a favorite. I like my collection and enjoy looking up rookies to find out what they are doing now.

Would I sell my collection? If I needed to, certainly. Baseball Card Soup might sound interesting, but chicken and vegetables have more taste. Am I happy with my choice of collecting? Absolutely. I enjoy history and sports and collecting baseball cards is a way of treasuring both things.

Leave a comment about different things you have collected and what you enjoy or enjoyed the most.

Baseball stats are from the cards listed.
Price for Jose Canseco’s card was listed on eBay
Memories are my own