The organization I recently joined has an interesting group of people that I enjoy learning about. The reason I joined the organization was mostly to get out of my house and be among people more. Being at home isolated daily alone with my ailments is just too depressing and lonely. Simply being in an atmosphere around other people is so enlightening. There is a lot of insight learning about people senior to yourself. Their lives and experiences are very humbling and interesting.

My role at the club as I mentioned is as a volunteer. Mostly, I volunteer behind the bar. It is a unique role because while I serve people their elixirs, I pick up bits and pieces of conversations and learn about very diverse and amazing people. These people are almost always happy, but they have amazing stories.

The more frequent patrons include a group of ladies that are there almost daily. Mostly they enjoy their cocktails early and spend the time joking around about current affairs and whatever is on the bar television. Over time I have picked up on their very interesting lives and come to realize they have been through quite a lot. I have to say I admire their fortitude and ability to maintain a sense of humor and appreciate their wisdom.

Each of them has lost their husbands. Almost all of them were caregivers to them over a period of long illness before their passing. Alzheimer’s and cancer were the things they helped their husbands battle to the end. Some of them endured years of it. Some of them have battled numerous health issues themselves, including cancer, heart conditions, kidney issues, etc… A few are medical miracles, amazing they are still alive. A couple of them have lost children. I can’t even imagine that experience, let alone talking about it. Some have had their own business, some still work. Their current wealth ranges from very wealthy to struggling on social security only. All of them do their part of volunteering and charitable work at the club. Each of them has incredible wisdom and insight.

They are each single, strong and independent women. They have endured amazing difficulties and remain steadfast women. They don’t seem to mind living single. They aren’t out hunting for new husbands. They are very comfortable about living single and not having a man in their lives anymore. They manage their lives with confidence and within their means, whatever they are. Some of them might drink a little extra; but they accept that as part of their life as well. I think they’ve earned it.

They don’t feel anxious about who they are or where they are going. They don’t worry about what they haven’t accomplished or who might think what about them. They are comfortable with themselves. They speak up freely and don’t fret the consequences or opinions of others. They’ve earned their right to do so. They don’t seem to worry the insecurities that younger women worry. I admire their comfort with themselves. They might stir things up a little bit at the club. Repeat rumors so that things keep going around long after they’ve been resolved. But it appears to be their amusement to see how long people can stay spun up about something that really doesn’t matter. From where I am, I can sort of see the amusement in that as well. Throw it out there and watch what people do with it. It’s like their version of people watching. It’s slightly devious but amusing also.

It definitely puts things in perspective and keeps a person humble about their own troubles when they witness women having survived so many things and remaining so strong. I enjoy their company and look forward to them coming in whenever I am there. I do hope I am nearly as spry when I am their age.