Barack W. Obama Moves One Step Closer to Tea Party Nomination by Signing Extension of Patriot Act

At this point, I can’t even see where it would matter if Sarah Palin or Ken Doll Romney or even Crazy Micky Bachman somehow got elected President in 2012. How would America be any different with one of these right wing maniacs in the White House instead of the right wing maniac currently occupying the Oval Office?

Barack W. Obama moved ever closer to becoming a certified potential Presidential nominee for the Tea Party by signing an extension of the single most ironically named piece of legislation in American history. Using some sort of futuristic pen that allowed him to sign the bill from across the Atlantic Ocean, the Man Who Promised Change revealed once again that he is little more than a shadow of George W. Bush by enforcing upon the American public another four years of the distinctly unconstitutional components of the Patriot Act.

Apparently, Mr. Obama’s definition of “change” is somewhat different from the definition that most us know.

For over two years now, Pres. Barack W. Obama has been giving us the change we need in the form of doing exactly the same things that George W. Bush did. The change we needed: pulling troops from the illegal invasion of Iraq. What we got: an increase in troops in Afghanistan. Different countries, but the same misguided application of the President’s role as Commander in Chief. The change we need: a Democrat with the balls to call for a serious investigation and subsequent prosecution of Bush and Cheney for their endless series of impeachable offenses. What we got: proof that Barack W. Obama is just as testicularly challenged as Nancy Pelosi.

The cries of socialist directed against Obama are so incredibly ridiculous that they aren’t even funny. Of course, you may have noticed that you don’t see that many signs calling Obama a socialist anymore. Even the Tea Party fanatics apparently realize that you can’t call a man a socialist who has taken no steps at all to create or enforce regulation of the same Big Business cabal that nearly drove the American economy to the brink of disaster.

When listening to Barack Obama talk, you may be reminded of JFK. When you watch Barack Obama in action, you cannot help but see a carbon copy of George W. Bush. Everything this liar has done since taking office has been directed toward undoing every single promise inherent in his too often repeated catchphrase that he would give us the change we need.

So far, the only change Barack Obama has given us is relief from the smirking presence of Dumbya. Unfortunately, he may lack Bush’s smirking juvenile inferiority complex expressed in a narcissistic display of utter ignorance, but the result is always the same.

Barack W. Obama has been dead to me for over a year now, and I wish to God that either Jesse Ventura or Jerry Brown would challenge him for the position of who gets to beat whatever personification of crazy the Republicans nominate. Lacking that distinctly unlikely possibility, I can only sit back and try to figure out just exactly how an upset victory by a Palin, Romney, Gingrich or Bachman would result in any difference from what we have now.