Barack Obama – I Thought He Said He Would Be Transparent, Not Invisible

Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency .” – Barack Obama

I remember when Obama made that promise. He said those words from the White House on his first day in office. He had just signed executive orders for the new ethics guidelines he established for his administration and staff members. The only problem is, ever since he first said the word “transparency” as president, the only time we see him is when he’s heading off to – or returning from – vacation, playing another round of golf or making another speech about how hard he is working to solve “the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression”.

Of course, Barack Obama does pop in to the White House now and then, to throw another party or host another gourmet dinner. Sometimes he even holds a press conference before handing the microphone over to Joe Biden before going on another vacation. Other times he simply wants to announce the name of another person to whom he is handing off accountability for actually doing the work he said he would do. I wonder how many Czars we have now and what they’re doing… and why. I also remember Obama’s “it’s my responsibility” and “the buck stops here” speech.

Like a growing number of unemployed Americans, our nation is set to run out of money next month. Barack Obama has chosen this time to hit the campaign trail. It’s an oddly similar approach to his method of being an Illinois senator, spending his time as a senator running for president, now spending his time as the president running for re-election.

This president of the transparency touchstone announced his re-election bid via text message and a short little video clip on his website, It offered that personal touch of which our president is warmly known. Of course, if you aren’t a member of his website you probably didn’t get the text. Unless you are willing to hit the “I’m In” button on his re-election campaign website, “Obama for America”, you probably don’t know where his next stump speech will be either, or when he plans on doing something related to the job he wants to keep. All of us un-member Americans will just have to wait and see what happens next.

Funny, back in ’08 Obama announced his VP selection by text message as well. If that doesn’t say transparency, what does? Consistency is the key, I guess.

In honor of the president’s love of cyber networking, he traveled to Marquette, Michigan this past February. He chose that city because he wants to duplicate their wireless network model across the entire nation. It’s another effort to boost infrastructure, help businesses and create all of those jobs he keeps talking about. Before leaving the great lakes state, President Obama gave an address at the University of Northern Michigan. Of course, in the interest of transparency, the event was open to the public… by invitation only.

In spirit of the same recognition in his efforts to possibly do something about world peace, Barack Obama was even given a Transparency Award. It happened in March right in the Oval Office. In the spirit of his promise of transparency, Obama never disclosed the Transparency Award presentation on his public schedule. He also banned the presence of photographers and print reporters from the ceremony.

The more Barack Obama talks about transparency the more invisible he becomes.

I tell you, it makes your head spin sometimes.


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