Barack Obama — Defining What He Meant by ‘Punish Your Enemies’

COMMENTARY | In September 2008, as the race for the White House was heading into the home stretch, Barack Obama instructed his supporters to get in the faces of those who opposed him and to “argue with them” until they get in line. Just prior to Election Day in 2008, Barack Obama announced to the world that he and his supporters were but five days away from “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

In between those events, he encouraged his followers not to stand up for what they believed in but to punish those who opposed them. Two years later, as President of the United States, it is becoming frighteningly clear he is willing to lead this vendetta against the incompliant American by example.

The president has set in motion a deliberate and systematic war on the American auto industry. Of auto-makers willing to kneel in subserviance, he seizes power and destroys them. Of those who refuse and succeed in spite of him, he credits himself with their accomplishment.

In his war on the oil industry the president intentionally stifles production. In his determination to destroy the coal industry he promised to regulate them out of business. When Struggling Americans complain about the necessarily skyrocketing energy and gas prices, he mocks them, laughs at them.

In response to Governor Bob Riley, who accepted Obama’s stimulus money, the president quickly signed the executive order to permit federal assistance in the aftermath of horrific tornadoes. For the pleas of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who refused to become obligated to the president’s tempting offer, Obama has yet to respond to requests for help in the wake of devastating wildfires.

For having the audacity to pass immigration laws similar to those the federal government refuses to enforce, the Obama administration filed a lawsuit against the state of Arizona. In the “right-to-work” state of South Carolina, for their refusal to conform to union demands, Obama remains silent as the Nation Labor Relations Board attempts to prevent Boeing from creating jobs in North Charleston.

Whether they are political opponents, businesses or private citizens, Barack Obama is using his position to get in the faces of those who challenge him and punish those who do not comply. These are systemic, not random cases wherein the president of the United States has launched a clear and intentional war against his “enemies”. What is frightening is that these enemies are American fortitude and the citizens in which that spirit resides.


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