Barack Obama Announces that He Will Run for Reelection in 2012

Well time does fly when the country is going to that hot place in a hand basket doesn’t it? It has been just about 17 months since America a little over 26 months ago. This county has record deficits, just got involved in another military conflict that serves not a bit of interest to the country, and the democrats still do not get that we don’t want Obamacare. You would think Obama would have listened to the 2010 elections, but he has not and will not. If America is to survive this (reader’s choice) needs to be stopped.

I feel like I should disclose a couple things before the total article. First, I am a democrat. I am a very conservative southern democrat, but still a democrat. I refuse to let the liberal super wing of the party run me out of a party that generations of my family have belonged to. I also voted for Obama in the primary when he ran. At first I liked what I heard. As I learned more I realized this man as not fit for the office and did not support either candidate in the general election, but did give the nod to McCain on leadership and experience. I also know people from all walks of life and count many people as friends who are Obama supporters including various friends who are minority group members. There are things I might say in this article that will offend many people, but I am only saying what many people think and won’t say. Some things that occur will not be approved of by me, but I know they will happen.

The first thing to look at is how Obama came to power in the country. This could be an article or book itself, but I will keep it brief for the sake of it not being the main point of the article. Barack Hussein Obama fought a pretty tight primary battle against former first lady Hillary Clinton. He did have more delegates and won more states than her but more democrats voted for her as she carried the popular vote 47.98 for Clinton to 47.43 for Obama. It is also very noteworthy that most of the states Obama won were states that would be carried by the GOP in the general election like Alabama, Mississippi and Wyoming. Hillary Clinton carried the prized states of Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania. These three states have decided the closest elections in history. What does this tell us? Obama won all three in the general election so it tells us people there are easily fooled, but also that the party was not solidly behind Obama. Many in the Democratic Party stated this, but when you pander for the Negro vote and have a real live black man who is even close to electable it’s hard to say “wait he should not be president”. The democrats were bitten by their own race baiting in this case.

Another factor that can’t be ignored is how ticked off the American public was with previous president George W. Bush. I was not a big Bush flag waiver, but I do believe he was more of a patriot and loved the country much more than Obama. Unemployment was around was 6.8% at the end of President Bush’s term after unemployment was roughly 4% at the end of President Clinton’s term ( it has been over 7% and as high as 10.1% since Obama has been in office and is even higher among blacks and Hispanics). In all fairness the economy really took a hit after the attacks of September 11, 2001 and was just starting to come back. The war in Iraq and the war on terror also had many upset at President Bush. With low approval numbers and a democratic tilt in the 2006 elections with the house and senate going back into democratic hands, America wanted change and thought Obama was the way to do it.

One more factor was that John McCain probably was not the best candidate for the Republicans. I am not sure who would have been. I was partial to Mike Huckabee, but that is another story. If you look at the primary many republicans did not even bother to vote in it. They also did not have as great of a turnout in the general election because they were not excited about their candidate. McCain was also hurt by his previous support of amnesty for illegal aliens who invade our country and thumb their noses at our laws. McCain possible did this to court the Latino vote as Obama did, but Latinos voted 3 to 1 for Obama (I believe) and McCain’s support for amnesty turned many voters against him. I was not very thrilled with his support for it. Obama is even more in favor of giving away the country than McCain though when it comes to illegal immigration. When the three are taken together, combined with people not wanting to be called a racist for not voting for Obama you have what was an Obama victory

Since he has been in office people point out pages of laws that he passed, but neglect to mention most are giveaways to special interest groups at the benefits of the people who actually work and pay taxes as opposed to those who live off the taxpayer’s dime. I would be my life that if people who were burdens on society were not able to vote, or if people had to at least have a basic intelligence level to vote that Obama would not have won. I am not saying there is anything wrong with a hand up, but there are people whose grandmothers were a single mom on welfare in public housing, then had multiple children and then that generation did the same thing and we have generational welfare. People not trying to better themselves and live off the taxpayer because they think that’s a way of life and not help. I am sure Obama won over 98% of them. So America’s president was selected by the least productive Americans. That is in general. There are many people who work a living that supported Obama and some are very intelligent. I am speaking generally. I am sure many people will call this fact racist, but we are the only major would country that has a Negro or half Negro President when the majority of the country is white. Also Obama won only 45% of the “white vote”. People can complain all they want but if you can’t win at least 50% of the white vote in a country that is 75% white and over 80-85% of the tax dollars are from white people I don’t think the person is fit to be president. It says a lot. Polling as of late is showing Obama losing the independent vote and white vote. He of course will carry 95% of the black vote, but 20% of blacks stated in 2008 that race was the single biggest issue in voting for Obama while only 8% of whites said the same about why they voted for McCain.

I will agree with many of his supporters that Barack Hussein Obama has accomplished a lot while he was in office. He managed to enrage the American public as no other modern president has been able to do. Because of Obama’s polices the 2010 mid-terms resulted in large pickups for the Republicans in the House, several state legislatures and governorships and narrowed the gap in the Senate. I 100% believe that if all 100 seats were up (that is not possible) that the republicans would have taken the senate by at least a five seat majority. Every Southern Democrat would have lost their senate seat as they all voted for Obamacare against the wishes of the American people and their constituents. Here are specifically some of actions.

Obamacare has been talked about. I personally have written at least two articles about it and will include a link for my article. I also predicted several of the democratic defeats as a result of the bill. America did not want the bill and they told their Congressmen and Senators that yet most Representatives and every democrat in the Senate voted for it against the will of the American people. Republicans campaigned on repealing Obamacare and 54% favor repeal (I am sure that 70% of taxpayers or more support repeal while tax consumers like it). The American people also believe that it will increase the national deficit according to MSN news. Most supporters of Obama also have not taken the time to look at all the waivers that are being issued to companies and especially unions. This is being done because the bill is not good and they know it, but if they were effect by it they would be upset and not support Obama. This is Washington politics at its worse and he was claiming he was not going to do this. News about Obamacare even gets worse as the CBO and various other organizations admit it will cost more than though, some premiums will go up and it will negatively impact many older Americans. Also with the demographic shift in the country Obamacare really steals from older white retirees who worked and paid into the system to give to non whites who in many cases have not. This really does nothing for the middle class but gives away the farm to leeches on the tax dollar.

We also had more bank bailouts that Obama did not like when President Bush started them. Then there was an auto bailout were Chrysler and General Motors both got bailouts from the government and filed for bankruptcy. Now most people are not smart enough to realize this, but the bailout was purely meant to keep as many members of the UAW working as possible since they are practically a wing of the Democratic party ( losers and people who think what they do is worth far more than it is tend to vote democrat). Many retirees lost various benefits including some who saw their prescription costs more than triple and other benefits they had when they retired that they lost. Since they no longer pay dues the union bosses were worried about the people who pay dues. Many still lost their jobs. As a matter of fact, more auto workers lost their jobs under Obama than Bush, Reagan, and George W. Bush when you take into account the ones not rehired because of plants closing. My state had one of each close. I hate to see people out of work, but as gung ho as many were for Obama I find it very poetic.

There was also the very wasteful and minimally effective Stimulus for 787 billion. Ok this probably did help, but it did not need to be as much. If it was handled in a better way and smaller there would have been just as much job creation and nowhere near the amount of generational theft that occurred that our great, great grandkids will be paying for if there is a United States then. The jobs that it has created were artificial and many of them will end up lost in various layoff. Teachers that were hired with grants to states were not able to keep some after not getting further stimulus funds. The city in Camden, New Jersey is a great example of the temporary creation of jobs in the so called stimulus.

Probably one of the most offensive things that that (readers choice) Obama has done is neglected his oath of office regarding illegal immigration and his choice to have his justice department sue the state of Arizona over an immigration bill that mimics federal law. The oath of office states the constitution (and implies the country) will be protected from “all enemies both foreign and domestic”. If you are aware of what illegal aliens and their anchor babies cost the country you should be boiling over this one. This has nothing to do with compassion or the rule of law. Obama simply is trying to pander for the Latino since many Latinos can’t seem to grasp that illegal is not a race but a crime. The reason the law was challenged is that more illegal invaders would have been caught and deported. Some will say Obama has record deportations but other experts have stated that those numbers are so skewed to make the administration look good it negates them. He has clearly told U.S. agents not to bother “non criminal undocumented persons”. I guess breaking into our country is somewhere below spitting on a street as far as importance goes. Once again politics and partisanship at its worst and America supported the Arizona law by over 60% yet he chooses the Latino (not all some are very patriotic) lobby over his country. Most democrats actually applauded and stood when Mexican president Felipe Calderon slammed the state and country for how we treat these illegal invaders that he simply calls “migrants”. That should make any American sick and if it does not you need to examine your loyalty to this country. If you still think it’s not pandering to the Latino vote consider the fact that no action was taken against so called sanctuary cities that are in clear violation of federal law. They don’t catch and deport illegal invaders though so the Hispanic lobby sees nothing wrong with them. This is a major issue. I encourage all patriotic Americans to take action to stop the invasion of our country. I recommend as a great site to find information.

Since the rule of law is supposed to be defended (only those you chose t), it should come as no surprise that Barack Hussein Obama told the administration not to challenge and defend the Defense of Marriage act. I realize that Obama is very pro-gay rights. We all should support equal and not special rights for all. In the case of marriage I firmly believe that it is a union of one man and one woman. Every time this has been put to the voters they have rejected gay marriage. The states that allow gay marriage did not give the people a say, but it was decided by the legislature of that state. While I do support civil unions I do not believe in gay marriage. The best case scenario of the gay lobby is that it’s a state issue under the tenth amendment. If a state wants it to be legal then that is between them and God. Many other states do not allow gay marriage and I am sure those states don’t not want to end up like Sodom and Gomorrah.

To top it all off we are on the verge of being involved in a nation’s civil war between the forces of Moammar Gadhafi and rebels. There has been talk of atrocities committed by Gadhafi, but in all fairness other nations are doing the same thing. I firmly believe he is doing this to look like a realizable leader despite members of his own party calling his decisions on Libya to be impeachable. Obama himself said as a candidate that “the President does not have the authority” to do what his is doing. This is another real irony since the boy campaigned on the Iraq and Afghanistan war and bringing our men and women in uniform home. Another wild card is that there is a strong possibility that the rebels we are helping have many terrorist elements in them associated with Al Qaeda.

Obama also has had a habit in his reign of apologizing for America as no president has done before him. This is an outrage and makes us look weak with our enemies and allies alike. I realize we are not at war with Islam but, Obama treats it with such kid gloves. Not all terrorists are Muslim. I am very aware of this, but quite a few terrorists effecting the west are Muslim. There is a legitimate concern that Obama does not recognize or acknowledge. I don’t believe he would order an attack on a country that attacked Israel as other presidents would have.

One thing I have studied very extensively and I think is important in the possibility of a second reign for Obama (we can’t afford four more years) has to do with blacks and the black vote. I in no way believe in racial superiority or inferiority but more of nurture versus nature. IN the united states though it is a fact blacks are often less educated , make less money, and are much more likely to be on public assistance than whites. The NAACP will even give these statistics out yet when you mention them you are called a racist. You especially are when you point out that liberal democrats don’t want that to change. If blacks get the taste of the American dream from you work, earn and get then their votes can’t be controlled. As long as any class of people are kept down their votes can be controlled. People like Ted Kennedy and Harry Reid are never seen with blacks till re-election time and most blacks don’t realize they are being used. They are being kept on the government plantation of handouts and entitlements so liberals can control their votes. There are exceptions to this, but this is generally true. How many votes do you think Obama loses in a housing project? He probably gets about 99% of the vote and the 1% he does not get is because someone could not read the ballot. Since many blacks are probably enraged reading my opinion of their blind loyalty to Obama, consider these facts. The black unemployment rates as published by the department of labor is currently 15.6 and went as high as 16% ( and higher depending on which news source) for a 25% increase in the amount of blacks out of work who followed Obama, yet when President Bush left office black unemployment was 11.1. In 1983 black unemployment was at a high of 19.5 but under President Ronald Reagan, who many believed was racist against blacks since he did not believe in handouts, took the rate down to 11.1. That is interesting is it not? The Great black hope has done nothing for the black man and little for the brown man who so blindly follow him. Most blacks are not enlightened enough to realize that the liberal ideas for amnesty for these illegal invaders will hurt them much more than white Americans. Who hold lower skill jobs blacks or whites? If pools of people that will do jobs cheap suddenly become legal will they be competing with customer service reps and white collar workers or will they be competing with cooks and unskilled union jobs? Do the math people.

Nothing good for anyone who loves the country can come out of a second term for Barack Hussein Obama. This is especially true if you are a producer of taxes and not a consumer of tax dollars. I can see a second civil war were people load up rifles and lace up boots. I would recommend all patriots exercise their second amendment rights while they can. We are in bad shape is he is back in office, especially if he replaces any of the conservatives or moderate on the Supreme Court. If he is defeated I do believe blacks will riot in many places. I also expect possible voter fraud in heavily Latino areas. There are reports coming in already that Colorado had 12,000 people illegally in the country registered to vote and 5,000 of them voted in the last election. That again is another outrage when non-citizens vote in our elections. Its bad enough anchor babies are considered citizens because of a misunderstanding of the 14th amendment and get automatic citizenship and often are raised off of our tax dollars. I have no doubt in my mind that the founding fathers, if they could be alive for one day today, would say “if I had known this I would have picked my own cotton”.

Thank you for reading.

God bless you and God bless America

God save America if this (reader’s choice) is re-elected

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