Bangkok City – Our Favorite Thai Restaurant in Dallas

Bangkok City- Our Local Favorite Thai Restaurant
4503 Greenville Ave (corner of Greenville and SMU Blvd)
Dallas , TX 75206
(214) 691-8233
Mon-Fri 11AM-10PM; Sat-Sun 12 PM- 10PM
Price Range- $6-$13
Lunch specials- $6-$9

Whenever my boyfriend and I are hankering to eat out, we always decide to go to our favorite Thai restaurant, Bangkok City, off Greenville Avenue in Dallas, Texas. I don’t think we’ll ever get tired of it. Why? Because the service is friendly and warm, the atmosphere is comforting and inviting, and most importantly, the food is always delicious and satisfying.

The first time we saw Bangkok City, it looked a bit inconspicuous: a wooden building tucked on the corner of Greenville Avenue and SMU Boulevard. Parking can get tight in the front and sides, but there is always plenty of parking along the street. When we walked inside, we were greeted with warm lighting, red table cloths, and smiling faces. The servers were dressed in traditional Thai outfits and were helpful in explaining dish ingredients and answering questions regarding the menu.

If you’re not too adventurous, Bangkok City has your Thai dish staples like Pad Thai and Fried Rice. Although those are solid entrees, the curries (yellow, red and green), Basil Noodles, and Pad Se Ew (soy sauce flat noodles) are not to be missed. My favorite is the Yellow Curry that comes with your choice of meat, potatoes, peanuts and onions in a savory coconut-curry sauce served with steamed rice. If you have a craving for noodles, the Basil Noodles is a delectable stir fry combination of flat rice noodles, vegetables, and fresh basil. Their entrees can come catered to your level of spiciness: 1 to 5, with 5 as the spiciest. I’ve seen grown men sweat at level 3, so a level 2 is a good bet if you just need a kick of heat. Their traditional soups, Tom Yum Gai (hot and sour soup) and Tom Kha Gai (coconut soup) are traditional Thai soups that will warm your soul. If you’re dining in a group, get the large size that comes in a sizzling tureen to share family style. Bangkok City also offers a wide wine selection and variety of import beers like Sapporo and Tsing Tao.

Coincidentally, the office building I work in is a mere walking distance to Bangkok City. So it’s no surprise that my coworkers and I are regular patrons for their lunch specials. You can choose from a variety of their usual entrée dishes and it comes with your choice of soup or salad and a crispy egg roll. It’s usually so much food, you’ll have to take away leftovers to savor later on in the evening. It’s a great deal. Try to get their before noon on weekdays since they fill up fast. If you’re pressed for time, you can carry-out or call for delivery.

On my most recent visit, it appeared that Bangkok City remodeled and expanded one section of the restaurant. Now there’s an open seating area with wide open windows that will be great for a sunny Texas afternoon meal.

If you go often enough, the servers will begin to remember your order and before you even sit in the booth, they’ll ask,” Your usual?” It’s great when you have a “usual” at a great place to eat. Bangkok City just serves up that perfect combination that you look for in a favorite restaurant. So, if you’re a Thai food fan, this local restaurant will definitely become one of your favorites, too.