Band Tips: The Importance of Promoting Your Online Videos

Let’s say that your band has already made a great music video. What do you do now? Sit back and watch it go viral on Youtube, right?

Well, not quite. The simple fact is that if you don’t try to promote your band’s videos, nobody’s going to watch them. Throwing a movie up on Youtube won’t make it a huge success; even fluke viral videos like Rebecca Black’s “Friday” only started to spread after a ton of time and effort went into creating and promoting them.

Here are a few things that all bands should consider when promoting their online videos.

Keep a polished product. If you put dozens of videos on your Youtube channel, they’d better all be high quality and entertaining. You’ll lose viewers by bloating your channel with studio outtakes, boring interviews, or anything that’s not compelling to your band’s fans, so go through and cull some of the boring stuff. Take off videos that have nothing to do with your band’s music or videos that present a low-quality version of your songs.

Remember, you’re going for total views here, and if you take the time to present polished products for your fans to view and enjoy, you’ll have more views on average.

Use social media. Duh, right? If you want to make one of your band’s music videos a hit, you’ll have to hit up Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and any other social websites that you visit. Don’t stop there. Try websites like and if there’s something really unique about your video and try to get people to hear it who would never stumble onto your Facebook page. Figure out what’s compelling about your video and use it to get more views.

This will all be easier if there’s something weird about your band’s video. The best videos are going to be a little bit funny, cool, or unusual in some way, because otherwise they’re simply not going to catch on among social media users.

Be ready to shell out a few bucks. To really get the hits, you can buy an ad on Google Ads, Facebook, or Youtube. Even a few bucks a day could get thousands of visitors to your page, so it’s a good idea to look into these options.

Most bands are on a limited budget and might have trouble justifying the expenditure. Think of it this way: if one out of 1,000 people buys your CD, you can afford to spend $10 to get one thousand hits, right?

Spend the money and you’ll greatly increase your chances of going viral.

Draw on your fanbase. Your fans will post your video to their Facebook walls if you ask them to. They might also forward emails, tell their friends and family, or do just about anything else-they’re in it to help you.

Let them help. Ask your fans to add their names to your email list and get them to share your band’s stuff. Ask if anyone has ideas for promotion-most fans will be glad to help, and you’ll get some free assistance in getting your band’s music out there.

Have any other tips for promoting a band music video? Post below.