Bamboo Flooring- the Best Flooring Choice

Bamboo floors speak for themselves with the benefits they have to offer for the betterment of the environment, variation in style, beauty of the hardwood surface and flexibility in colour. Not only does bamboo flooring complement your decor, but makes a pocket-friendly choice as well.

Bamboo is not a tree, rather it is a grass. Most bamboo varieties can grow at an astonishing rate of 110-120 cm in a single day. As compared to traditional timbers which may take plenty of years to hit maturity, bamboo crop fully matures in just 3-7 years. This amazing growth rate of bamboo ensures a fast production of bamboo-wood in a short span of time. Moreover, the extensive root system of bamboo helps it to grow on its own. These attributes make bamboo one of the renewable and sustainable building materials available on the market.

As far as other ecologically-friendly attributes of bamboo are concerned, it produces more oxygen than traditional hardwoods. Bamboo helps in the absorption of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other harmful pollutants. Another benefit of bamboo is that it helps increase the fertility and reduces the erosion of the soil.

The three popular styles of bamboo flooring include horizontal, vertical and compressed. These styles are characterized by the pattern of knots or knuckles on the bamboo planks. However, compressed bamboo flooring is extra-ordinarily strong and durable. Moreover, bamboo flooring is available in various colours and tones. The natural colour of a bamboo floor is a blonde colour. However, you can also find carbonized or stained bamboo floors on the market. It is important to keep in your mind that the carbonization process of planks made them 20%-30% softer than blonde boards.

The strength, toughness and durability of bamboo flooring are easily comparable to those of traditional hardwood floorings like Cherry flooring and Walnut flooring. Bamboo is 70% harder than Jarrah and twice as hard as Maple flooring. You can confidently install bamboo flooring on the areas that are frequently exposed to stiletto, high-heeled shoes and high foot traffic. Your bamboo floor will continue to serve for many years, while maintaining an attractive appearance at the same time.

Another wonderful quality of the bamboo flooring is that it is quite resistant to dents and scratches. Therefore, it makes a wonderful choice for those homes which have pets and children. Moreover, bamboo is a moisture resistant choice and is not susceptible to the cupping, warping and cracking due to the variant humidity levels.

A bamboo floor doesn’t change its colour over time. Although direct sunlight often lightens or darkens colour, but a bamboo floor retains its tone and finishing. The installation process of the bamboo flooring is quick and the installed floor can be walked on the same day. Bamboo boards come in the pre-finished form, thus eradicating the messy, dusty process of in-home installation.


Compressed bamboo flooring is an excellent choice for a new floor, giving a warm, comforting ambience with a contemporary yet timeless appeal. Bamboo floors look beautiful, are practical and Eco-Friendly.