Balloon Lights

Round balloons
String, yarn, tissue paper or other material
White glue
Miniature Christmas lights

I’ve said it many times: just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it isn’t fabulous. That’s one of the best things about being a crafter. You can take ordinary, inexpensive craft supplies and turn them into something useful, beautiful or both. If you’re having a party, getting married or have another special event approaching there are some fabulous lights you can put together that will really help you create the look you want. The lights won’t cost a lot of money and they look great outside or indoors.

Purchase balloons and use them to make hanging lights over a food table, around a deck or elsewhere. The color of the balloons doesn’t matter at all. You will, however, need balloons which, when blown up, are round. Purchase large ones to make big lights for the event or small balloons for smaller lights. You’ll need one balloon for each light.

There are various ways to make the lights. You can use lightweight string, yarn or even strips of tissue paper. You can use streamers – no plastic ones – and cut them into strips to use for the lights. Remember that the color of the material you use will be the color of the finished light. No matter what material you use you’ll need watered-down white glue to apply it to the balloons. Stir together one part water with two parts white glue to make the paste.

Blow up a balloon and tie it in a knot. Set it on a glass or other implement to keep it from rolling. Set it so that the knot is facing the inside of the glass. Dip the chosen material in the glue and get it sopping wet. Run the material between your finger and thumb to remove the excess then lay the material on the balloon. Continue dipping another and another piece of the material into the glue and positioning it on the balloon. Do this until the entire balloon is covered but do not cover the knot.

Allow the glue to dry overnight. When it’s completely dry, use a pin, and insert it by the knot to pop the balloon. Remove the balloon by pulling it out of the small hole where the knot was.

Insert Christmas lights which have miniature bulbs into the holes of the balloons. If needed, wrap a piece of tape around each hole of the balloon to secure the light strand to it.

Hang the lights wherever you want, and when the party is over, pack the lights and put them away until the next special event. They’re useful and gorgeous!