Baking at Little Hands Cookie Company

As the old saying goes, “food brings people together”. So what better way to live out this old adage, then to bake together. Right on the outskirts of Randallstown, MD is a unique little shop, known as Little Hands Cookie Company. Little Hands Cookie Company was founded by the Wyatt family in 1999, and has been serving the greater Baltimore area ever since.

Upon entering their building, the aroma of freshly baked cookies overwhelms your senses. The air is filled with the smells of chocolate, coconut, and warm sugar. The room is separated into two areas set up for a wonderful baking experience. Both rooms are decorated with life-size gingerbread men, tablecloths stamped with children’s hand prints, and trays with all of the ingredients you need to bake some delicious cookies! The Wyatt family and a staff of six, run the class from start to finish. They give you the choice of ten different cookies to bake, which include butter, chocolate chip, and their special family recipe of coconut cornflake. They fit each child with a hand-stamped apron and chef hat, before seating them at a table with a large mixing bowl, cup of melted butter, and an egg. They bring you out a baggie filled with all of the ingredients necessary to make whichever cookie you choose. The best part is, everything is the perfect size for the little hands that are making the cookies. The children stir all the ingredients together, then they use a small cookie dough scooper to place the cookie batter on trays lined with parchment paper. The Wyatts are very helpful in spacing the cookies for you to ensure even cooking. Then, after the trays are ready, the staff brings them to the back of the kitchen where each tray bakes, and then cools.

They do not let a minute of bake time go by without giving your children something fun to do. While the cookies are baking, they bring out a huge gingerbread cookie with icing and sprinkles for each child to decorate, and bring home with them. Then, once they are finished transforming their cookie into sugary goodness, they give each child a box to decorate with crayons and markers which will house their freshly baked cookies. Once the cookies are cooled, they bring out the trays, and let everyone sample one of their warm gooey cookies. The cookies we made, with their family recipe, were moist, flavorful, soft, and chewy. Mrs. Wyatt has been baking since age six with help from her uncle, and a hundred year old cookbook and it shows with every bite of her cookies. I’m not quite sure who had more fun, the kids, or the parents. But either way, our tummies were very satisfied at the end of the baking experience.

Little Hands Cookie Company does not stop at just cookies. They have a kiosk at the Security Square Mall, where they sell not only their cookies, but danishes, soft pretzels, and cupcakes. The Wyatts also take their show on the road. They go to schools in the Baltimore, and surrounding areas, where they teach cooking classes, both sweet and savory. They recently taught a four week session at two local schools; one encompassing Italian food and one on Mexican food. Little Hands Cookie Company features their baking class Monday through Friday, from 11 am until 4 pm. They are even willing to stay open later to accommodate alternate schedules. They offer their classes for children ages three and up, and they will take groups as well. They also offer birthday parties and tea parties for $255 (for up to ten children). Each child is given a full baking experience and two dozen cookies to take home and share with their families. Little Hands Cookie Company actively works with both and to provide discounts, sometimes even half price, on their classes and special workshops. You can check out their special upcoming Father’s Day cookie decorating event, and all other current events on their website So, if your mouth isn’t watering yet, give the Wyatts a call at 410-521-BAKE, and schedule your class or party today and sample some of their scrumptious treats!