Bail Bondsman Jailed Part III

Business never really slowed down neither did Perry. He began to get wild, obnoxious, crude and expressed no respect for some law officials. I suddenly begin to see that I needed to pull away but it would take a while before I could afford this to happen. I found myself in a situation where I was being verbally abused; sometimes I was too late picking my son up front daycare in time. I was way on the other side in downtown Richmond and my son was over in Chesterfield. I would have to leave the office and catch a cab to pick him up and then a cab to the house which was very expensive. This continued for about a month or so and I knew it was time to start planning to make way for me and my son. I was hesitant to tell Perry that I had plans to bring my fiance to Virginia but I had no choice. I wasn’t really afraid of him but it was my responsibility to my son to protect him and get us out of this situation.

By this time I had secured another residence for me and Matt on the outer skirts of Chesterfield County in a small development called Sachems Head. A really quiet area with a few children running around here and there and everyone kept to themselves. Matt attended the local school which was just minutes away from the house and that was great. I still worked at the office but I still had my plan in action. After telling Perry that I needed to go to Florida and pick up my fiance; there was a sudden change in his demeanor that I picked up instantly. He agreed to reserve the transportation and funds for the trip which was set for a week in advance. Perry had befriended one of the guys that he had bonded out and this guy hung around the office on a daily basis. That in itself was a no no but did Perry care, absolutely not. Then there was Bobby from Jacksonville who was off and on at times with Perry. I believe they may have had a falling out at some time because Bobby was later dropped off in Jacksonville on the way to Florida.

I never really understood why Perry insisted that Bobby and the other guy assist me on the ride. I think it was some ridiculous story about me and Matt being safe on such a long drive. Bobby was dropped off in Jacksonville as planned and we continued on to Florida to pick up my fiance Dennis. It shocked me to find out what was actually planned for me and my son when we made it to Florida. I simply can’t remember this guy’s name but his name is in the article written about Perry. I did carry a knife with me at all times even on this long drawn out ride.