Bail Bondsman Jailed IV

I never really understood why Perry insisted that Bobby and the other guy assist me on the ride. I think it was some ridiculous story about me and Matt being safe on such a long drive. Bobby decided he wanted to be dropped off in Jacksonville and we continued on to Florida to pick up my fiance, Dennis. It shocked me to find out what was actually planned for me and my son when we made it to Florida. I simply can’t remember this guy’s name but his name is in the article written about Perry. I did carry a knife with me at all times even on this long drawn out ride as I said there was an un easy feeling but at least I was headed back south. Every so often I would strike up a conversation about my family in Florida and that they were expecting us to arrive by that morning. There were times we hit hot spots where the cell phone didn’t work but the journey continued. I just recently read the actual article that hit the news in Richmond and the guy that was driving us back to Florida name is Earl Fields. Of course this article had nothing to do with me going back home but surprisingly enough it did relate in some way.

We finally reached Riviera Beach, Florida a little after ten that morning and Dennis was waiting for us all packed ready to go. Mr. Fields as I will now refer to and Dennis struck up a conversation as to his real intentions for the trip. He stated to Dennis that Perry instructed him to do away with me and my son and as well kill Dennis. I don’t really know how he was supposed to plan this out but I can only guess that Bobby was suppose to be part of the plan and Bobby apparently decided to get dropped off in Jacksonville and have no part of it. There are still some blank areas as to why Bobby went back to Jacksonville but only he Perry and maybe Mr. Fields really know the story behind that. After Mr. Fields told Dennis what the plot was we headed back to Virginia about several hours later. Perry apparently kept in contact with Mr. Fields on the way and to my understanding when things didn’t go the way Perry expected and because he is the one who reserved the U-Haul truck for the trip to Florida he decided to call the U-Haul truck in as being stolen when in fact it wasn’t.

When we got back to Richmond we dropped Mr. Fields off and never saw him or Bobby again. A couple nights later Perry decided to make a few threatening calls and sit outside our house at Sachems Head in Chesterfield. I suppose this was his way of trying to scare us but Dennis stood his ground and stood up for his family. By that time I had nothing to do with the office but I had personal possessions at the house on the other side of town that I had to take Perry to court for and in which I did retrieve back. A few months later I started working with Zimmerman’s Bonding and at the same time because Perry’s office had been closed down due to him being arrested for the kidnapping and assault on an inmate I was steadily writing bonds for Zimmerman and closing old files for the insurance company that backed Perry. There was a thorough investigation with the operation of his office as well as his files being turned over to state and government officials. I recall having to go to court on some cases to plead or even get set-a-sides or even bring in another bounty hunter who collected on quite a few skips.

If you want to read the story on this bail bondsman go to the archives at the Richmond Times Dispatch.