Backyard Summer Time Fun

If you are a stay at home mom like me you know it’s hard to keep the kids entertained all sumer and with gas prices so high I needed to come up with some fun backyard ideas.

Water balloon hunt

This is the same thing as an easter egg hunt but you use the small water balloons. Fill them up about half way and take turns hiding them and finding them. At the end have a water balloon fight. Throw a twist in there, the one with the most balloons found gets to throw the first balloon unchallenged!

Backyard Iron Kid marathon

Set up the kiddie pool, bring out the slip and slide and jump on the trampoline. All kids line up at the starting line, the first stop is the trampoline, each child must jump 5 times. Then off to the kiddie pool, one at a time each child must crawl on their hands and knees 5 full circles in the water. Next, they’re gonna slide, (have the slip and slide several feet from the pool, the kids will take off running as soon as they are done in the pool and slide as far as they can, if they do not reach the end of the slip and slide they have to start from the pool again. And they can repeat all these as many times as they want to. You could make little Iron Kid medals from construction paper to hand out to all who finish if you choose to.

Silly pose freeze tag

This is the same principal as freeze tag, one person is “it” and has to chase the others but instead of just freezing when tagged you have to make a silly face and a silly pose. (Pretend to sit in a chair with one leg crossed over the other with your tongue sticking out.)

Crazy Fun Relay Races

Parents you can be really creative with this one in so many ways. Line kids up in two rows, the first race you decide what the children will do. For instance, hop on one leg with one hand on your head. The winner of that race chooses the next way kids will race. You could do, running/speed walking backward while telling a joke. Jump like a frog, “swing” like a monkey (just swinging their arms as if swinging from a tree) There are many things you could do. Just be creative, crazy and fun.

Silly dressed, hula hoop relay races

For this you will need

oversize clothes for the kids
any kind of shoes (flip flops, tennis shoes, scuba flippers, whatever you have)
Hawaiian leis
hula hoops

Again, kids will form two lines. At the beginning of each line you will have a shirt or shirts, pants/shorts, shoes, hats, sunglasses and leis in a pile. At the other end of the relay you will have hula hoops waiting. Each child at the beginning of the line must put on each article of clothing then run as fast as they can to the waiting hula hoop, hula hoop 5 times, run back to the other side and undress as fast as they can. The kids really like this one, it’s so much fun and everyone looks so silly. If you have a snorkel mask and snorkel laying around throw that in too.

Have fun trying out these backyard fun ideas and enjoy the time with your kids!