Backyard Mini Golf Course – Five Fun Cheap Ideas

A backyard mini-golf course is perfect for avid golfers. Practice putting skills in the comfort of your own backyard. Take all the time you want. There’s nobody waiting to play through. This idea is great for parents on a budget too. Entice your kids outside to play. Get them off the couch. Throw a mini golf themed party. Give yourself an excuse to putt around the yard on cool summer evenings. Here’s five fun cheap ideas to use when building your own backyard mini golf course.

Borders and holes can be made from re-purposed items. Map out your mini golf course plan with chalk or hoe lines. Use scrap 2×4’s, fence posts or old landscape edging to border each hole and path. Another thing that works well are medium sized landscaping rocks, such as cobble. For the holes, use old flowerpots, cut PVC pipe or disposable drink cups.

Turf can be artificial or natural. Some golfers prefer a uniform surface. Others like the challenge of using natural grass or rough ground. Just for fun, add a sand or gravel trap to navigate. A kiddie pool makes an interesting water hazard. Got an old fountain? Plunk it down in the center of the kiddie pool as a water feature.

Use interesting objects to divert the ball. Place a rock in the middle of the path. Create cheap slants and hills using carpet scraps to cover plywood ramps. Make several branch paths to the hole. Up the challenge. Got any of those old race track loops you had as a kid for toy cars? These make wonderful additions to a backyard mini golf course. Use them as paths to the hole.

Discarded PVC pipes make great mini golf tunnels. Just center them under a rock pile or build a brick wall over them. Use wider pipes for players with beginner skills, narrow pipes for professional golfers. You can run them under garden statuary too. Plan on having different levels? Bury slanted PVC pipe underground from one hole to the next. Cut the pipe in half length wise for above ground ramps.

Make it portable. Don’t feel like going all out? Not crazy about a permanent mini golf course in the backyard? How about making some cheap portable units you can store in your shed? Construct them with old wood and artificial turf or carpeting. Use 2×6 lumber to raise them off the ground and provide an edge. Glue old flower pots into the holes. You don’t have to be rich to have a backyard mini golf course. Make it on the cheap with these fun ideas.


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