Backyard Games Party

Setup your backyard with any toys you plan to use for backyard games, in addition to lawn chairs so that your visitors can unwind between playing. If you wish to make the play area more festive like, include ribbons and balloons with the colors of your liking.

Drink And Food Menu

Bbq fare will keep the guests outdoors.

Appetizer: Chips and dip – provide a number of both.

Entre: Bbq burgers and hotdogs with the fixings.

Dessert: Brownies, snacks, and frozen treats

Keep these plain – you don’t need to add icing or frosting, so that they don’t melt under the sun.

Cocktail: Have ample canned water or juice to remain refreshed!


Today isn’t the day to just sit around, so bring out a stereo system for music to keep the guests moving.


Playground- the children are going to have a ball with swingsets, monkey bars, slides, etc.

Jump Rope- This can be a good way for children to have fun particularly when they jump rope together.

Hula Hoops- It’s not necessarily a bad idea to possess a couple hula hoops around just just in case.

Hop Scotch


Foot Ball

Hide and go seek

Slip and Slide- When the weather conditions are warm, allows your visitors awesome off by having fun with a Slip and Slide, or perhaps the pool or sprinklers!

Kick Ball

Capture the Flag

Relay Races

Wiffle Ball

Red Rover

Kissing Booth- Fill a sizable jar with Hershey Kisses and set a collection of paper and pens aside. Let the kids guess the number of Kisses have been in the jar — whomever comes nearest to speculating the amount of Kisses within the jar wins the chocolate jackpot.

Squirt Gallery- Cover 3 foam bricks with contact paper and tape together inside a pyramid shape. Press golf tees onto some blocks, set some tennis balls on the top, and have the kids fire away with water guns.

Clearly theres no need to incorporate all of these games but a couple of these games would keep your kids and their parents active while having fun. Mix it up!


Advise your visitors to put on comfortable, sports clothing and a good pair of athletic shoes. They might should also bring some swim gear along with a change of clothing.

Last Minute Tips

If you wish to provide the party an aggressive edge, break the visitors into teams and provide small awards towards the those who win.

So that as always, make sure to bring the digital camera!