Backwards Beekeepers: An Eco-friendly Way to Have Unwanted Bees Removed

Have you been invaded by a swarm of bees and are wondering what to do about them? You may have already tried squirting them with a hose and found they will not be dissuaded from swarming your home. You can try calling Vector Control for your area who will probably advise you to call in a bee removal service that will come out and for a fee either eradicate the bees with a pesticide or possibly remove them humanely.

Last spring when a swarm decided to make a bush right next to my front door their new home, I found myself needing to find a bee removal service. I had read that bees were drastically declining world wide and knew that I did not want to have the bees killed. I also could not afford the cost to have the bees removed professionally. I decided to post on the the internet asking for help with my bee swarm. I was pleasantly surprised to find a very eco-friendly and inexpensive way to deal with bees, Backwards Beekeepers.

What Are Backwards Beekeepers?
Backwards Beekeepers is a group of organic, treatment free beekeepers based in Los Angeles, California. They are considered backwards because they rely on observation and natural treatments to care for their bees rather than pesticides and chemical treatments.

What Areas Do They Rescue Bees From?
Backwards Beekeepers rescue bees in Los Angeles County and some surrounding areas. Since backwards beekeeping is a practice that’s gaining in popularity across the United States, even if you don’t live in an area they serve you can contact them and they may be able to put you in contact with a bee rescue in your area.

How Much Do They Charge?
Backwards Beekeepers do not charge a fee for their services, but they will keep the bees unless you express a desire to care for them.

How Can I Contact Them?
You can contact Backwards Beekeepers through their blog or the Bee Rescue Hot line at (213) 373-1104.

What Do They Use To Remove The Bees?
Backwards Beekeepers usually show up to remove the bees late in the day to remove the bees as they are settling down for the night. This makes it much easier to remove the bees and lessens the chance that anyone will be stung. Backwards Beekeepers bring all the supplies that they need to remove the bees. Typically they bring a specially made cardboard box that has a little bit of honeycomb inside to put the captured bees in until they can be transported to their new home.

What Do They Do With The Bees?
They either raise the the bees themselves, pass them onto other backwards beekeeper’s or give them to local organic garden’s who are in need of a hive. The bees that were removed from our home went to live in the orchard of a nearby community garden.

What Can I Do If There Are No Bee Rescues In My Area And I Can’t Afford To Have A Professional Come Out?
First contact Backwards Beekeepers to find out if they know someone in your area. If not try putting up a free bees post on Craigslist, which is what I did before finding out about Backwards Beekeepers. You will be surprised at the number of beekeepers who respond and are willing to remove your bees for free. To ensure they will go to a good home ask the respondents about their bee keeping practices before giving them your bees.

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