Backlinks- the Superhighways of the Internet

Think of Backlinks like the superhighways of the Internet. If you start building up the road ways to your destination is good people start arriving. At first it may be a trickle but soon enough you will have to create more infrastructure to keep the seething hordes at Bay.

Without good back linking not only is there no way for these teeming hordes to ever get to your site, but most will never even know it’s there. One of the most important things someone who is starting out can learn is how to build backlinks.

There are many different ways to drive traffic. Back linking is just one of these ways. But it is one of the most important and strongest. In this article we shall discuss many of the great ways to build back links and initiate that traffic to begin building your superhighways.

Write killer content for backlinking

Effectively a back link can come from a shoddy on original article or an excellent and well done article. For now Google has a few ways of telling the difference. That is slowly changing. The algorithms are getting smarter and are starting to be able to read “good” content. Already there are filters for duplicate and highly derivative content. Your back links from these are simply worth far less if anything at all.

Another important part of writing tiller content is that it is “link bait”. YOu write a great article and other people may notice. they may bookmark your content. They may post a link to your content. They may even copy your content. (Hopefully at least if they copy they provide a link back.) The important thing is that once you do some linking to this great content on its own, it may overtime begin to spread at least a slightly viral manner. Although going truly viral is very difficult these days.

Blog Commenting for the backlinks

Blog commenting can be interesting. Many people do blog commenting for selfish reasons. Good commenting gives back links and helps natural traffic find their site. The ironic part is that to be really effective with blog commenting the best way is to not think about yourself that all.

Go to “dofollow” and “Keywordluv” blogs. Spend a lot of time commenting on articles that you like. Don’t force the issue by leaving links. Let whatever natural link system the blogger has in place do that for you.

Do not simply leave lame comments, like “great site”. Ask penetrating questions of the blogger. Comment so they know you really read their article. The key thing here is quality. Make sure your comments are always quality and begin to work a reputation for yourself through your comments. All the rest will take care of itself over time your links will become more and more potent.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Using social bookmarking sites like Digg, Amplify, StumbleUpon and Delicious can be done quickly and easily. It only takes a moment or two to make a link that will not only provide a back link to your article but will also hopefully drive additional direct traffic from the social bookmarking network.

Forum Signatures

Forums have become a bit “old school” as a method back-linking. It simply will not do as the only method back linking. But when it is incorporated in a whole strategy is a great addition. One of the important factors here is that it helps with link diversity. It is never good to have all your links coming from only a handful of sites. Mixing in some form signatures and occasional formal links is a great way to mix it up and keep the natural looking links coming to your site.

Use Web 2.0 Sites

Web 2.0 are sites like Squidoo and Hubpages. Sometimes these sites are part of ‘article marketing’ but they can be used for so much more. There are many ways to monetize these sites themselves, and use them as a way to make money online while also providing some great back links.

There are many sites out there that allow you to link out. This is often referred to as article marketing and can be done on many web 2.0 sites. Some of the very best ones are Squidoo, HubPages, EzineArticles and Weebly. All you have to do is write an article or post for the sites and provide one or two good links to wherever you desire. The sites have very good page rank and gain a lot more “link juice” than just any old site.

Using Social Media

Yes social media does leave backlinks. The “power” of these links is questionable, but they definitely matter. As time goes on expect social media to have a greater impact on Google search relevancy. Therefore I would not go out of my way to make tons of back links to social media sites but at the same time I would not ignore it either.It never hurts to ask for Links

This seems easy, and often is. You may be a little shy to ask a far more popular blogger or website owner within related niche for a link. The thing you need to remember is the worst they can do is say no. If they are in direct competition with you they may not be willing to do it. But often they will gladly link if they are not in direct competition over any keywords. All you have to do is ask.

Backlink on Your Site(s)

Once you have been working online for a while, many people begin to build up multiple websites. These sites have traffic and search relevancy of their own. Back linking from your own sites, particularly if they are different domains can be the easiest and actually fairly effective method of creating good back links. Think of it like interlinking on crack.

If you do not have a blog or Any other sorts of site, this is still a plausible technique for back link. There are many sites that offer free hosting and webpages. The biggest to being word press and blogger. Within half an hour for each of these you can create a nice self hosted site with relevant keywords and articles to back link from. These weeks will be weaker than an aged domain or a completely independent blog, but they are far better than nothing and 100% under your control.

Back linking well is not hard. It can be time-consuming not. Many people will try to short change all the work by, “buying back links”. This may even work for a while. The problem is that works until it doesn’t and at that point the penalties are often harsh and final. Google will often drop your site right out of the search engine. This is called sand-boxing.

It simply isn’t worth it. Google search engines are getting smarter and smarter. Even if you can get away with mischievous back linking techniques today, there’s nothing guaranteeing that tomorrow your loophole will not close. Since the loophole closing often equates to losing all the actual hard work you Don also is simply not worth the risk. Stick with the above methods of back linking that are 100% legal and 100% aboveboard.