Backlink Automation Software: 4 Options

Since backlinking is such a labor – intensive procedure, it makes sense to employ backlink automation software into your linking strategy. There are many well-designed aids available online to streamline and improve the results of your link building efforts.

First, there are programs that are designed to automate the creation of forum profile links. These programs use scraping technology to streamline and speed the tedious process of link building, by automating the registration of forum accounts. Forum profile links are still very effective for boosting your rank, and they are definitely worth doing.

Second, you can improve the performance of your links by employing a relatively new type of backlinks software called and indexer program. This is one of the handier pieces of backlink automation software, as it automatically ‘backlinks your backlinks’ – making the links you are working so hard to create more visible in the search engines. Links that are indexed give you all the benefit and link juice – links that are not indexed, well – don’t help you very much. Although there are others, Backlink Index Express has pretty much defined this genre of backlink automation software.

Third, there are amazing programs that post comment to blogs – they help you find relevant blogs to post to, and then automate the actual posting. The most well-known of these is Scrapebox, but of course there are others. This method is not as useful as it once was, as blog owners are wary of taking any blog comments, due to the large amount of spam generated by these programs.

The fourth method of backlink automation is not software at all, but NO software – it’s called outsourcing. If you need to build a lot of links, you should really consider outsourcing all or part of your process; you’ll gain valuable time that you can use for other productive purposes. It does not good to spend all of your time building backlinks, and then leave no time for adding good content to your blog. Remember, one good blog post is worth several hundred low-PR links. Check the Internet Marketing forums for a well-reviewed service provider; there are many good ones.

Backlink automation software is a wonderful aid – but that is just what it is an AID – it’s not the be-all to end-all. You still have be smart in how you choose your keywords, how you create your content and how your position your offer or ads to actually make money at the end of the day.

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