Back to the Future?

Debates are fine. No, they’re better than fine. Debates are necessary discussions we have about any number of things we think about, care about, and that have some type of impact on our lives. Whether it’s about our trash, our mail, our jobs, our families…debating topics, either pro or con, are vitally important. Obviously the tea party influence that hangs like a nuclear bomb over the heads of republican Representatives,is devoid of debate, and about to explode. Republicans are introducing dramatic changes to medicare that rivals Dr. Jekyll’s transformation into Mr. Hyde. John Boehner attempted to suppress any negativity by stating “The changes being proposed would not affect one senior citizen in America, not one. Anyone 55 years of age and older would not be affected by any of these changes”.

Well, Mr. Boehner, I’m 56 years of age, and yes, it will affect me. I realize back in 1920, about a year after World War one. Women not having the right to vote didn’t affect their fathers, or husbands, or brothers. As a matter of fact, it had no material adverse effect on any males. Or in 1964 with the Civil Rights Act. I mean how many Caucasians were affected by this landmark achievement?

Well, we’re over 90 years removed from women not being allowed to vote…and almost fifty years from when African-Americans got their props. But here we are witnessing this same type of nonsense in a new millennium. All male relatives to female Americans either felt superior, or disgusted by a tradition that forbid women from voting. How must it have felt as a father, to cavalierly tell your wife and daughter that you and your adult son are going to vote…and to make sure your clothes were ironed, and dinner cooked. I didn’t live during the early 1900’s, and unfortunately haven’t spoken to many octogenarians or nonagenarians about it. But I tell you what, this senseless cruelty was definitely for a past period in American history.

I was alive to witness the Civil Rights era. Albeit young, and being raised in Illinois, the land of Lincoln, I can honesty say I didn’t experience much overt racism—but I knew it existed. However, the transformation that occurred in 1964 was amazing. I know, I know. The Civil Rights movement began way before 1964, but I’m not an historical scholar, so the year 1964 will do just fine. African-Americans were allowed not equal, but greater footing in American society, and this nation is all the better for it.

I suppose Speaker of the house Boehner, and his wily band of politically Neapolitan GOP members
( conservative, republican, and tea party) are having a Back To The Future moment, and think they’ve all morphed into Marty McFly. The changes being proposed do affect me. Because they affect my wife, children, and grand-children, who for all intents and purposes are an extension of me. What gives these politicians the audacity to think American’s are so stupid? I mean come on. Every single red blooded, God fearing citizen would like to leave some kind of inheritance to their children, and grand-children. No matter how minute. Of course we want them to have the ability to enjoy medicare as we know it.

Now, I’m not a bleeding heart liberal. I’m a pragmatic thinking independent who leans democrat on most issues. I realize something has to be done to help balance our national checkbook. However, I also feel as I did during the health care debate. We need a serious bi-partisan consensus. We didn’t get it that then, because democrats and republicans kept boxing themselves into their own respective corners.But a coming together of contrasting opinions and ideas. That’s how American’s roll.

If I’d have been alive during the Women’s Suffrage movement, I would have marched in front of Woodrow Wilson’s white house, hand in hand with every female member of my family. Sure, women being denied the right to vote may not have directly affected me…but it will have affected my mother and daughters, and wife, and aunts, and cousins. And that Mr. Boehner does affect me.