Back to School Field Trip Ideas: Visit Kentucky’s Mountain HomePlace

Whether you are passing through Paintsville, Kentucky, or you live nearby, visit Kentucky’s Mountain HomePlace. Many homeschooling families and public schools take educational field trips to the Mountain HomePlace year round to learn about the history of Kentucky’s pioneers and experience the life they led.

School Field Trips in Kentucky

This educational field trip will allow students to experience life as a pioneer. The Mountain HomePlace is set in an era that allows students and visitors to do just that. Although the structures were not originally built on site, they were built in the surrounding area and brought one-by-one to be set up in a single place where visitors could experience life of times gone by.

Located near Paintsville, Kentucky, at Paintsville Lake Park, the Mountain HomePlace is made up of many structures and reenactors of the time period. Among the structures you will be able to tour is the McKenzie School building. The school building is a traditional one-room school house of the pioneer era. Students are encouraged to enter the building and sit at one of the few log seats and desks that make up the school. All of the buildings are made entirely of raw logs with no paint at all.

Mountain HomePlace Field Trip Idea

In a small blacksmith shop on the grounds, students can watch a real blacksmith in action as he makes horseshoes and horseshoe nails. The blacksmith, in pioneer apparel, talks to the students while pounding away on the metal. Groups at the this building will need to be small as the building itself is small and the entrance is even smaller. Be sure to allow shorter children to step up front while the taller children stand behind.

The Fishtrap Church is yet another building children will be encouraged to enter. This building is one of the biggest on the grounds and can accommodate quite a few students, teachers, and parents. Church would have been held once a month in pioneer times while the heat came from a pot belly stove near the center of the church. Today, the Fishtrap Church is open for weddings.

There are not too many historical double crib barns left standing, but one can be found at the Mountain HomePlace. There are always several barn animals available for students to pet while the reenactor of the time period explains the importance of animals to the pioneers.

Tips for the Field Trip

Before the field trip, inform the students there is a gift shop in case they wish to purchase hand made items from local crafters. To the back of the gift shop, there are working bathrooms. Students will also need to bring their lunches as no food will be served. There will be a lot of standing and walking, so be sure the students wear comfortable shoes and encourage them to bring along cameras and note pads.