Back to Basics: Why Having a Good Business Card is Still so Important

Social Media is great but you still need a business card

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have taken their deserved places as the triumverate of social media. But this does not mean that face-to-face networking has lost any value. In order to network properly and effectively, you need business cards. A good business card that reflects well on you and your business is as important as ever.

As a matter of fact, if you are recently using social media in your business, there is a good chance that your business card needs updating to reflect your contact details across the various platforms.

Your fixed address should be on your card

There are current discussions within my LinkedIn groups as to whether or not people would do business with someone whose business card does not have a fixed address. The overwhelming consensus is that they would not.

Therefore, your business card needs the traditional contact details, as before, and more. At a mere 3.5″ x 2″ platform, space is at a premium on a business card and pertinent details have grown in number, considering all your social media connects.

What can I remove?

In the interest of space, there is possibly some redundant information on your card. If you have a fax number listed and simply do not use the fax, remove it.

Is your logo up-to-date? Or does it need a brand re-fresh? If you have recently updated your website, make sure that it is correctly noted on your business card.

Use the back of the card as well

Many people overlook the space available on the back of the business card. While it is a great space for others you meet while networking to make a note of where they met you, you can still print some information on the reverse.

Review the details

Check that the following details are in place: name, business name, address, telephone, cell phone, email address, twitter name, Facebook name. If your website links to your blog, your Twitter account or your company Facebook page, you may be able to omit these. That is a personal choice. However, having them on your business card indicates to others that you are up to speed with all your social media outreach and they will assess you and your business accordingly.

Plan ahead and save

Check your own supply of business cards. If you are running low, this is the right time to contact your designer to re-print and update. You do not want to be caught short on supply and many people are surprised how quickly 500 cards can go! After all, that’s a good thing.

There are plenty of inexpensive ways to print more cards. I designed my own on a machine at Office Max for $16. and they were mailed to my business within ten days. Surprisingly enough, my business cards have been complimented on by others. Meantime, I have found promotional offers for 500 free business cards and that will take care of my next re-print. Or publish your own online. There are very inexpensive options for a penny a card.

Five Mistakes to Avoid

Do not print on a flimsy stock. Do not print on such a highly shiny stock that others cannot scribble a note on your card. Do not use a black or dark background that others cannot make a note on. Do not use a font that is too small to read. Do not use out-of-date cards that you have crossed out and updated by hand.

There is just no reason to ever be embarrassed by your business card again if you leave enough time to get it right. Proof-read carefully before printing and you’re good to go, off to your next networking event.