Bachelorette Winner Jesse Csincsak: A Special Father’s Day Interview on Life as a Husband and a Dad

The sun rose at 7:11 a.m. in Breckenridge, Colorado the morning of February 2, 2011. It was sunny, but with the wind chill factor, it felt like a heart piercing minus 46 degrees Fahrenheit for Bachelorette Season Four winner, Jesse Csincsak. This particular day however, was not as heart piercing as November 1, 2008 when Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas broke up with Bachelorette wild child winner and pro snowboarder, Jesse Csincsak, after choosing him over family man Bachelor Jason Mesnick.

Unconditional love would find Jesse Csincsak on February 2, 2011 when the pro snowboarder and his wife, Bachelor Season 13 contestant, Ann Lueders, celebrated the birth of their son, Noah. Jesse proposed to Ann on August 6, 2010 and they were married in Las Vegas on August 28, 2010. Little did Jesse know after his cousin Heather Csincsak secretly entered his name to ABC to be a Bachelor on The Bachelorette Season 4 in 2008, that he would actually find true love with Ann Lueders from Arizona in 2010.

In this special Father’s Day interview with Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak, I asked how life has changed since marrying Ann Lueders and becoming a father.

Aly:Jesse, congratulations to you and Ann for becoming proud parents of baby Noah! Bachelorette fans were on the edge of their seats in Season Four to see if DeAnna Pappas would choose the wild child snowboarder over the settled family man. What went through your mind after Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas broke up with you in 2008?

Jesse: I was bummed after everything ended but knew it was possible to fall in love and that’s what I focused on until I met my beautiful wife, Ann!

Aly:Did you think for a moment that three years later you would be married and be a father?

Jesse: I could have only hoped to have found my true love and had my first child with her. I am so blessed to be a husband and a father.

Aly:How long did it take after meeting Ann for the two of you to fall in love?

Jesse: It was the running joke with all of our friends that we would get married one day and we finally did.

Aly: How has life changed for you since becoming a husband and a father?

Jesse: No matter who you are or what you do, when you have a child your life will flip 180 degrees and its totally worth it.

Aly: After seeing the adorable pictures of Noah on your Facebook page, it looks like you are already preparing him for winter fun in Breckenridge, Colorado. When will you put Noah on his first snowboard?

Jesse: As soon as Noah can walk I will put him on a snowboard.

Aly: What do you, Ann, and Noah do for fun when you are not playing in the snow and smashing 100 water balloons with your niece and nephew?

Jesse: We love to go to the city and enjoy the beautiful weather and grab a Starbucks.

Aly: Do you and Ann plan to have more children?

Jesse: We are so focused on Noah we haven’t talked about it.

Aly: Where will you take Noah on his first vacation?

Jesse: Noah will be going to Las Vegas with us in June to Meet Bruno Mars and eat some Popchips.

Aly: What are your secrets for a happy marriage?

Jesse: Spend as much of your free time together as possible. Always tell each other how you feel (be honest). Don’t forget to smile ‘” hahahahah.

Aly: What do you hope Noah remembers most when he reads about his young Dad’s life at age 29?

Jesse: How happy he was to meet Mommy.

Jesse might be spending his first Father’s Day focused on his favorite interests: his wife, his son, movies, jeeping, camping, rock climbing, white water rafting, or raising money for his charity, JSaK or blogging at his new Yahoo! Blog. Jesse has a big heart and never turns down an invitation to a charity event or an opportunity to train young snowboarders.

In 2008, Jesse became the snowboard coach on MTV’s show called MADE. He taught high school student Tara Weldon how to snowboard in six weeks. So far, Jesse has filmed 3 MADE shows for MTV as a snowboard coach.

Jesse also landed a hosting job at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada working on a show called BEYOND THE MEDAL with the Associated Press. While in Vancouver, Jesse shot the Inside the Bachelor: Stories Behind The Rose special with 20/20. Jesse’s motto is GO BIG OR GO HOME! It looks like Jesse, Ann, and Noah plan to do exactly that.

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Check out Jesse’s Blog Article About Bachelorette Ashley HebertJesse, thank you for sharing your emotions, thoughts, and life as a husband and father. Best wishes to you, Ann, and Noah as you share your special family moments together. We will keep watching Noah grow!

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