‘Bachelorette’ Season 7 Week 3 Recap: Bentley Breaks Ashley’s Heart

Tonight, on The Bachelorette Season 7 (Week 3 – June 6), Ashley Hebert bid farewell to three guys. Unfortunately for her, one of them was the man she fell in love with. Which guy left The Bachelorette Season 7 and Ashley H. on Monday night’s episode? Find out what happened with this quick recap of The Bachelorette 2011 Week 3 (June 6) right here below!

Bachelorette Season 7 Week 3 Recap: Ashley Loves Bentley, Bentley Loves Bentley

Even after being warned before The Bachelorette Season 7 began that bachelor Bentley was bad news, Ashley H. fell hard and fast anyway. Tonight, Bentley solidified his status as the skeeviest, most obnoxious man in America, ultimately bailing on Bachelorette Ashley and the show in general. Though he tearfully told Ashley he was leaving because he missed his daughter, he boldly told Bachelorette 2011 (Week 3) viewers he just wasn’t into Ashley. He was hoping for Emily to be the Bachelorette for Season 7, and he wasn’t “into” Bachelorette Ashley.

On The Bachelorette 2011 tonight (June 6), Bentley Williams left no room for doubt that he is this season’s biggest villain, and one of the most cruel bachelors in ABC history. Even when pretending to comfort Bachelorette Ashley, who was hurt after William humiliated her during his ill-planned roast of her during a group date, Bentley said he was “gonna mess with her head” and make sure she fell in love with him. (William, by the way, hurt Ashley when he alluded in his roast speech that he and other bachelors had been hoping to see Emily Maynard or Chantal be the Bachelorette for Season 7 instead of her. Ashley gave him a rose at the Week 3 rose ceremony anyway.)

Later on The Bachelorette Week 3 episode (June 6), Ashley confronted Bentley Williams in a very meek manner over Michelle Money’s warnings to “watch out” for him. Bentley managed to wiggle out of the confrontation quite easily by simply telling Ashley more of what she wanted to hear. Soon after, he decided to leave the show because he just didn’t “want to do it anymore”. Cue the poor, crying Bachelorette, who felt that after meeting 25 guys and knowing none for more than a week or two, the only man for her was the one who was leaving her heartbroken.

It was sort of amazing to watch Ashley fall for Bentley’s lies, with the precision-edits courtesy of ABC production department merely sealing the deal. If the whole bit wasn’t part of a fully scripted scenario, we really pity Bachelorette (Season 7) Ashley and her naivete.

On another note, bachelor/Batboy Jeff finally lost the mask! We were not impressed. Apparently, neither was Ashley. It would be Jeff and Chris D. who left the mansion at the end of the Bachelorette 2011 Week 3 rose ceremony. Tune in next week for The Bachelorette in Phuket, Thailand (June 13)!

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