Bachelorette Premiere Provides Shocking Twists

The Bachelorette premiere offered some shocking developments for fans who wanted a glimpse of the drama to unfold later in the season. On a night that is usually reserved for just meeting and getting to know the guys, Ashley got a little more than she was prepared for. Or was she? It seemed the more odd the guys were, the more Ashley seemed attracted to them.

Ashley already had information that one of the guys, Bentley, was still involved with another girl. So what did she do with this seasons “girlfriend guy?” She kept him aboard after hearing his story of having a kid named “Cozy” and an ex-wife. That was one of the shocking moments on The Bachelorette premiere. But it shouldn’t seem too shocking for fans of the ABC reality television show. I am not sure if the Bachelor and Bachelorette participants have a clause in their contract that they get to keep 8 people they’d want to date and 2 people they would never allow to see the light of day. Maybe it’s just the entertainment value of keeping somebody around that’s just enormously different than everyone else. Maybe the people doing the picking have sipped a little too much wine before handing out roses. Whatever the case, the people handing out roses always seem to keep the most controversial people.

But the selection of “girlfriend guy” wasn’t the only shocking moment. One of the guys actually wore a mask the entire first episode. He came up with some story that Ashley should get to know him before she sees what he looks like. Ashley bought it hook line and sinker. The gimmick shocker was one of the goofiest moments in Bachelorette history. It was almost as odd as the girl who wore the vampire teeth last season. How in the world do people truly think they are going to find love by starting off playing these really odd games? We’ve learned as fans of the show that we never should count the strange people out because they always seem to make the first cut. Do the producers of the ABC reality television show look for guys with the strangest bio’s of all time? Or do they just get weird when they get there. There’s nothing worse than a gimmick on opening night. It’s nearly as bad as grabbing the dreaded and cursed first impression rose. Although some gimmicks have propelled contestants way further than they ever probably should have made it. I stumbled through the Bachelorette bio’s on the official website before the show ever kicked off–I swear I don’t remember a guy who said he likes to wear masks when he first meets women! Although there was one Bachelor who didn’t have a picture on his bio-what does the guy think he’s Zorro?

On another front, Ashley did send home one guy who drank just a little too much on The Bachelorette premiere. The guy actually fell asleep and she couldn’t wake him up despite trying for what appeared to be several minutes. Bachelor fans might have found it ironic that Ashley kept “Masked Guy” and “Girlfriend Guy” but opted to dump “Sleeping Because I’m Hammered Guy.” A girl has to have priorities, right?

As for the overall Bachelorette premiere-how did Ashley do? Ashley was a little too bubbly and giggly over the course of the first 2 hours. I’ve said before that I’m a fan of Ashley and I was happy she was picked to be the next Bachelorette. I truly think she’s a good gal with a great heart. Maybe she was nervous-but she just seemed way over the top energetic in the premiere of the show. I am not sure if Bachelor and Bachelorette fans will be able to stomach that much energy and drama over the long haul. Perhaps she’ll tone it down just a bit after the nervous energy wears off. Right now I still feel like I drank about 8 cups of coffee and ate a few energy bars after watching her bounce from shot to shot in the premiere.

Overall, it wasn’t extremely watchable but the premiere never really does offer anything amazing insightful. The following shows when we get a closer look at who these guys really are will be way more compelling television as normal.
Either way, there will inevitably be some drama if the end of show preview offered any clues. Expect lots of drama as Bachelorette Ashley tries to find love. Let’s just hope “Mask Guy” and “Girlfriend Guy” dump the mask and girlfriend sooner than later-if they want to stick around.