Bachelorette June 13 Recap: Who Got Sent Home on Bachelorette 2011 This Week?

If you missed any of tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette 2011 (Week 4 – June 13), we can help you get up to speed! All you really need to know is Bachelorette Ashley Hebert and the remaining bachelors headed to Phuket, Thailand for some tropical romance. Unfortunately, being Thailand, it seemed to rain for their whole stay! You might also be wondering who got sent home on The Bachelorette this week (Week 4 June 13)? Find out below!

Bachelorette Recap: Who Got Sent Home From Phuket, Thailand?

For the episode’s first private date in Phuket, Ashley and a bachelor named Constantine took in the local sights. The pair had planned for a boat ride to a secluded beach, but rough seas prevented the trip. They took it in stride, and had a lot of fun anyway. Constantine got the rose at dinner after he and Bachelorette Ashley spent hours walking around, shopping, and talking.

Next on The Bachelorette 2011 Week 4 (June 13), Ashley and ten of the bachelors went on a group date, helping to make major improvements at a Thai orphanage. The orphanage houses many children who lost their parents in the South Asian tsunami of 2004, and everyone seemed to be genuinely concerned with fixing it up nicely for the kids.

After the charity work, the group headed to a bar where a few of the guys got some one-on-one time with Bachelorette 2011 Ashley. One bachelor, J.P., proved last week he has quite a connection going with Ashley, and she has admitted she is a huge fan of the way he kisses. This was evident again during their “alone time” tonight. Ryan P. also got some alone time, but the other guys weren’t happy about it, or about how “energetic” Ryan is all the time. Ultimately, though, it was Ben F. who scored the group date rose from Ashley.

On his private date with Ashley, Ames paddled in and out of romantic seascaped caves, as the two drifted among dozens of giant rock formations and miniature islands which jutted from the ocean to stunning heights. Ames, who once took culinary classes in Thailand, got the rose, but he didn’t get lucky. However, Bachelorette Ashley does seem genuinely fond of him.

Finally, it was West who got sent home on The Bachelorette 2011 tonight (Season 7 – June 13). Did Ashley cut West for having such heavy baggage (his wife died fairly recently, and Ashley questioned whether or not West was ready to move on), or were the pair simply not a good fit?

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