Bachelorette Ashley Meets Her First Twenty-Five Guys

Whoo-hoo! Last night, we got to pick our favorite men from the twenty-five gorgeous ones they gave Ashley to choose from on The Bachelorette. Interestingly enough, Ashley and me and my daughter all chose the same favorite at the end of the evening, but we’ll get to that later.

I was prepared not to like Ashley very much, since I wasn’t too thrilled that they picked her to be the next Bachelorette. But after seeing her last night and hearing her thoughts about the whole thing, I do like her. She’s cute and bubbly, but not too much so. And more importantly, she seems very genuine in her hope to meet the man of her dreams. I was sad to hear her talk about how she was so in love with Brad when she was on The Bachelor and how she felt like she made a mistake. I wanted to tell her that I think she actually dodged a bullet by getting sent home by Brad. He was a total goofball. Ashley has a much better shot at a good guy with the twenty-five cuties she has to choose from now.

We’re still getting to know this batch of new men, but here are some of my first impressions of a few of them…

First of all, when the guys were getting out of the limo and meeting Ashley for the first time, I didn’t like the guys who tried to kiss her and I didn’t like the guys who physically picked her up. Those are moves that are too pushy for meeting her for the first time. I don’t think Ashley liked that. Most girls wouldn’t.

When we were getting our first glimpses of the guys, I sort of thought the Italian butcher from New Jersey named Anthony was cute. But when he opened his mouth later on, I sort of retracted my original crush on him. But Ashley didn’t give him a rose at the end of the night so he’s no longer around. I was a little disappointed about that but got over it quickly.

Can you believe Tim getting drunk and passing out at the first cocktail party? Actually, I think he was well on his way to getting wasted even when he first stepped out of the limo. He seemed to have a hard time talking, remember that? And he also seemed like the type to be a bully and pick fights like he was doing during the cocktail party. I loved it when Ashley had him put in a car and sent home. I just wasn’t sure if she was sending him off the show or just back to his room. Hopefully, off the show.

And while we’re talking about being sent off the show, I wish Ashley had put that weird guy with the mask on in the car with him. They should have both been sent packing. What did he think he was doing by wearing a mask? Did he think he was coming across as sexy and/or mysterious? Because he definitely was not. Actually, it came across as very creepy. At least I thought so, but apparently Ashley chose to get to know him further because he got a rose at the end of the night. Still scratching my head over that one.

Didn’t that guy William look a lot like the actor Josh Lucas? Josh was the actor in the movie Sweet Home Alabama with Reese Witherspoon. He was the hometown guy she ended up with. The dimples on both Josh and William are adorable, aren’t they? William seemed genuinely nice too so I’m glad Ashley handed him a rose at the rose ceremony.

I don’t remember who it was, but I didn’t like when that one guy threw his guitar in the pool. I don’t like perfectly good musical instruments being destroyed for stupid reasons. It reminds me of those bands back in the day that thought they were being very cool by smashing their guitars on stage. I always thought they looked like idiots when they did that. A good musician would never disrespect good instruments like that, but I’m getting off track here. Back to the men….

I thought it was hysterical when that one guy called his Mom to say hello to Ashley. You could tell the Mom was a fan of the show by what she was saying. She was talking about when they get to the point where they can choose to forego their room and go to the fantasy suite, you could tell she has seen the show before. I laughed when she said something about “using protection”. Funny stuff.

And how about the drama already with Bentley? I was a little annoyed at Ashley for keeping him around in the end even after a friend called to tell her about his bad intentions. And as it turned out, we saw from the previews that her friend was right. When we see Ashley curled up in bed and crying at some point in the future, well she deserves that if she got hurt by Bentley. She was warned about him and should have been smarter.

So about the guy that Ashley and me and my daughter all liked the best so far? Ryan P. of course. My daughter and I like to text while watching the show, and surprisingly enough, we both liked Ryan. That almost never happens. She goes mostly for the sweet country boys and I usually go for the ones a bit rough around the edges. So Ryan P. was right up her alley. But even though there didn’t seem to be any rough edges to Ryan, I liked him too, what with his solar panels and all. Haha. And Ashley gave him her first impression rose. Good choice, Ashley.

So let’s wait until next week and get to know all these guys better. All in all, I think the producers picked a great group of guys for Ashley, and it looks like they’ll be going to some fantastic places. It should be a good season to watch.