Bachelorette Ashley & Her Las Vegas Dates

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert and her assortment of beaus headed to Las Vegas this week for some fun and shenanigans. It all started with William on a one-on-one date. Mr. Dimples, and Josh Lucas look-a-like William, was the epitome of charm and first date wonder. And the setting they found themselves in were all about romance. How could this date go any other way than fantastic?

Ashley picked William up in a fancy car, while the other guys in the house seethed with insane jealousy. Okay, maybe that’s exaggerating a bit. They all don’t know each other all that well yet. They were disappointed it wasn’t them going on this date. There, that’s more like it. Ashley drove the fancy car, then they arrived at a small private jet that took them right to the heart of the Las Vegas action.

Ashley did a little role playing by making them pretend they were going to have a quickie wedding. William, being the good sport that he is, played along as well, but with a few worrisome looks. They picked out a wedding cake, they picked out rings, and they ended up in a chapel where the wedding vows were said. William actually said “I do”, but Ashley stopped the charade by saying “I will … maybe eventually” or something like that. Then she giggled.

That evening was Romance Central, with Ashley and William dining at a table located in the water in front of the Bellagio that they had to get to by rowboat. After talking about how each had an alcoholic parent with a tear or two in their eyes, the kissing started. And the fountains all around them started going off, reminding me of fireworks, all the while they were kissing. All very over the top romantic stuff. Could it get any better than that? Who has dates like this? William got the rose. Of course.

Next was the group date, which was awkward like group dates always are. There were twelve guys invited and they ended up at some dance troupe show at the Monte Carlo Theatre. They were separated in two teams and had to perform a little dance routine. The group that won got to stay in Las Vegas with Ashley and perform that night at a real show and of course have fun afterwards. The other group had to leave right away and go back to L.A. feeling like pond scum.

That night, West pulls Ashley aside to talk and he reveals that he had a prior wife who died. He doesn’t do much for me, but I’m not sure how Ashley feels. The talk of the night though was about Bentley, the resident scumbag this season.

Some of the things he is saying to the camera and behind her back are actually horrendous. Saying sexually crude things, saying she’s not his type, saying that the kiss started out great but got sucky in the end. If only Ashley could have heard what he was saying. Ashley has totally disregarded what her friend warned her about, and she’s falling hard for Bentley’s charm. And he’s pouring it on thick. Ashley even said to Bentley that she has good radar when it comes to people, but apparently she’s wrong on that count. She even gives him the rose for the group date. Oh Ashley, you’re headin’ for a heartbreak with that one. We all knew that, even if we didn’t see the previews for next week.

Next is another one-on-one date with Mickey, who won a coin toss to get it. Mickey is another guy who does absolutely nothing for me, but Ashley seemed smitten and that’s all that matters. Ashley flipped a coin and picked white wine, and they ended up in an aquarium for their romantic dinner and talk. Mickey talked about his mother dying. A couple of tears in their eyes, again, just like with West. Of course he gets the rose for that night and they also get a solo performance from Colbie Callait.

Back at the house, William was being just a little too braggy about his wonderful first date with Ashley, and the other guys were getting annoyed with him. Upon hearing how they were on the water during their date, Bentley puts in his two cents by saying he’d rather swim in pee. Nice guy, huh?

Jeff, the mask guy, is thinking he’s still mysterious and sexy, but frankly, we’re forgetting he’s even there. He sat on the steps with Ashley for a bit last night, but just when he was ready to take off his mask, they got interrupted by another guy wanting to talk to Ashley. But really, do we care? I know I don’t. Maybe we’ll see his face. Maybe we won’t. Doesn’t matter to me either way. How about you?

At the rose ceremony, Ashley lets three guys go. The one guy I was most disappointed to see leaving was Ryan M. I thought he was cute as a button with his dimples and was hoping he’d stick around.

The previews for next week look brutal. Did I hear William right? Did he say something at the microphone about thinking the Bachelorette was going to be Emily and not Ashley? He’s starting to sound like Bentley. And Bentley said something about how he knows he’s going to make Ashley cry. And sure enough, there she was, crawling into bed and under the covers and sobbing her little heart out. Poor Ashley is off to a rough start. But I think she’ll recover nicely. But first we have to go through the drama right along with her. Til next week..