Bachelorette Ashley Finally Chooses Her Man

It was a real nail biter last night for sure. Some of us were rooting for Ben and others for J.P. But first, we had to deal with the two guys meeting Ashley’s family. And much like the rest of Ashley’s journey so far, things went awry. Especially for J.P.

Ashley is in Fiji, and proclaims that this is the perfect place to write the last chapter of her love story. The girl had high hopes, despite all the pitfalls she’s had along the way. I like to think that Ashley and the guy she finally chose, both knew in their hearts, long before this, that they would end up together. Like they just KNEW, but had to play the game until the end when they could be together forever. Ahh, romance.

J.P. was the first guy to meet the Hebert family. Stepfather, mother and brother were all normal people who just wanted to meet and get to know the two guys Ashley brought along. Ashley’s older sister, Chrystie, was the exception. The Kat Von D wannabe took all of about five seconds to make her judgment call and declared to both Ashley and then to J.P. that he wasn’t the one for her. Which of course made Ashley cry for the umpteenth time this season, and made J.P. both annoyed and more than a little worried that Ashley wasn’t strong enough to make up her own mind. He had a point there. We were a little worried about that too.

Of course when the beautiful and sexy Ben made his appearance the next day, Chrystie was all smiles. Okay, I can’t blame her for that. What woman could look at Ben and not smile, right? But I do think she was way too quick to judge. If SHE walked in some dude’s house with her uppity attitude and gross tattoos all over her arms, how would she like to be judged so quickly, eh?

Luckily, Ashley found some cells in her brain and made up her own mind. Although she couldn’t have gone wrong with either of these guys. They were both terrific. But one guy had to go, and it was just heartbreaking.

We all know that whichever person steps out of the limo first, well in this case it was a seaplane, then that is the person who is about to have their heart broken and be sent home in misery. When Ben stepped out of the seaplane, my heart just sank. I’m surprised that Ben didn’t seem to notice Ashley’s less than ecstatic face, and he sunk down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She grabbed his hand with two of hers and had him get up. And then he knew. And he wasn’t real happy about it. Can’t blame him. He felt foolish, especially how she was all over him the night before. But that’s the game folks.

Ashley cried, of course, when Ben left in a huff. She tried to call after him and tell him that he was smart and nice and, “whatever” was pretty much what he said. No good goodbye there. Again. Can’t blame him.

So then the happy moment. And in spite of myself, I got into it, because I do like J.P. too. He proposed too, and Ashley said yes, and the hopeless romantic in me just KNOWS they were meant to be. Yes, we will be watching these two walk down the aisle someday on a beautiful TV special, just like Trista and Ryan.

Chrystie, the tattooed judgmental older sister, got her chance to apologize to J.P. on After The Final Rose, and they all made nice with each other. And Ben got his chance to confront Ashley, which was very awkward. What could she really say? He still looked a little miffed, but I have faith Ben will be just fine. As a matter of fact, I’d like to propose an idea to the producers. Since Ben didn’t look all that upset last night, how about making HIM the next Bachelor?! I would love that. Please don’t choose Ryan P. Choose Ben. The guys in the mansion weren’t annoyed at Ryan P. for nothing. And we certainly don’t want our next Bachelor to be irritating. We had enough irritation from a Bachelor when Brad Womack wasted our good time being the Bachelor for a second time.

One funny story to tell you about last night was that my son lives across the country and he and his wife see the Bachelor an hour after we do. He was furiously texting me in secret to find out who won so he could win a bet with his wife. Of course I wouldn’t tell him. Us girls need to stick together with stuff like this. What I did tell him was that it was a shocker. I told him that Bentley came back and Ashley chose him. My son was like “No Way!”. But I think he only believed me for a split second. It was hilarious at first though.

Looking forward to Bachelor Pad, but only a little bit. I’d have to say it’s more on the sleazy side than romantic side, but I’ll be tuning in anyway. I’m more interested in the next Bachelor or Bachelorette season. We’ll have to stay tuned.