Bachelorette 7

The Bachelorette is back! Season 7’s Bachelorette is Ashley Hebert who made it to top three of the last Bachelor Brad Womack’s season. She is in dental school and is a dancer. I love Ashley and I am excited that she is the new bachelorette. She is fun and sweet and very athletic. She has such a great personality but it was her fear of rejection that caused her to not make it to the end of the last season. I hope that she is able to put that fear away and truly open her heart to find love.

In the season premiere, Ashley met the 25 men that would be fighting for her heart. The men included Ryan who is a Solar Energy Executive from California, J.P. who works in Construction Management and Ames who is a Portfolio Manager. There were also lawyers, a winemaker, businessmen, a butcher, Salesmen, a chef, a dentist, an E-commerce Executive and a liquor distributor.

Ashley looked stunning in a shinny fitted gold gown. She confessed to being nervous, excited, anxious and scared. Her biggest regret is that she spent her time with Brad complaining and being insecure. She takes ownership that it was her actions that caused the demise of their relationship. She has grown from her mistakes and is ready to have her chance at love.

There are some gorgeous men on this season. I have to say that I am just a little bit jealous of Ashley at the moment. There were also some weirdos. Ashley mentioned that she heard one of the men, Bentley, was there for the wrong reason so I was anxious to see how she acted towards him. Her reaction was priceless. She paused and seemed to tense up when he said his name which made me laugh. The entrepreneur Jeff wore a mask for the night which was pretty interesting in a not so great way. His reason for wearing it was to take his face out of the equation so that Ashley would get to know the real him but it was still creepy. The guy who wanted to take the pictures because he is a fan was also a bit weird. He could have waited till later to pull out the camera.

If I was picking, the first impression rose would go to Ryan M and William. I would have broken it in half and given each a piece. Once Ashley got inside, Ryan P, the Solar Energy Executive, pulled her aside. He seemed to be the one there to promote his business. I liked him more before he got inside. Ben brought wine from his winery which to me is something that can wait until the hometown date. One of the guys called his mom and even if his mom was nice, that was just a little bit too much. Another guy brought out a guitar which he could not even play. What a way to raise her interest and then disappoint. What Ben did with the posters was really cool. He spoke about his ability to speak French which wasn’t that interesting. He should have spent more time finding out about her than talking about speaking French and traveling. Tim was drunk which was unprofessional and stupid. He then fell asleep and snored heavily. Ashley felt bad for him but sent him home which is what I would have done. To be a liquor distributor, he was really bad with handling his liquor.

Ashley gave the first impression rose to Ryan P who was in my running until he came inside and started talking. He was the first person out of the limo which makes me think that there is some strategy on the part of the producers because the first person out of the limo always seem as one of the best matches for the bachelor/bachelorette and usually gets the first impression rose.

Six people did not receive roses at the rose ceremony. Ashley gave a rose to Jeff first, even with the mask still on and not having seen his face. I was actually disappointed in Ashley’s first picks. I think she has a thing for long hair because she picked all the guys with long hair early on. She eventually picked both Ryan M and William which made me feel better. She also picked J.P., someone else that I like. There is hope for her. After all, she only needs one.

Ashley got rid of better guys to keep Bentley, the one she knew was there to promote his business. Bentley is not attracted to her and was hoping that it would have been Emily. Hopefully, she will get rid of him soon. She got rid of Anthony who was a bit weird so that was a good decision. She also got rid of Rob, Jon and three others.

It was a good first episode. I’m excited to see what happens with Bentley and what Jeff looks like. We definitely know that there is going to be a lot of drama but I hope that Ashley is able to find what she is looking for in the end.