Bach Flower Remedies to Treat Stress and Anxiety

Flowers and their essence have since long been used as therapy. Bach flower remedies used to treat stress and anxiety can bring on the best of emotional healing and can curb anxiety attacks. Dr. Edward Bach who was an English physician found out the importance of the essence of flowers in the healing process way back in the 1930s. It has been noted that the Egyptians used flower essence. This was noted and developed in to Australian Bush Flower Essences which have 66 remedies while the Bach Flowers Essences have a total of 38 remedies by Ian White.

These are some of the Bach flower remedies used to treat stress and anxiety that work the best. Aspen is the leaf that has an extremely delicate nature and the slightest of breeze will make it shiver and quake. If you have an anxiety because of no particular reason then this is the flower remedy that will help you by instilling a deep rooted feeling of security and boost confidence levels.

Bach Flower Remedies to Treat Stress and Anxiety can be used in the form of Agrimony. This is also referred to as Church Steeples. It is an herb that is found all over England and grows in abundance along the hedges and farmlands. It is extremely valuable to those who have great deal of anxiety and need to put on a brave face for the world. This constant making of an effort makes it really difficult for them to put on pretence and to hide this they overindulgence in food.

Cherry Plumis the best among the Bach Flower Remedies to Treat Stress and Anxiety. It is best for people who are worried about losing their control and therefore feel edgy all the time. This is the most wonderful of options for people who are high strung and have sudden bursts of anger which is linked with anxiety. This can also be used to treat screaming fits in children. Red Chestnut is the perfect thing for people who are anxious about those around them. They tend to be over protective and alert all the time when around friends and family. They also tend to fear the worst and worry themselves and fritter away gainful energy on it.

Rock Roseis an extremely good example of Bach Flower Remedies to Treat Stress and Anxiety for anxiety attacks linked with terror and panic. It is very good in bringing on a calmness and fortitude to the person. This is specifically in the case of people who have been in an accident or a natural disaster. These are really the best of flowers that can heal. Mimulus is a yellow colored trumpet like flower that is used to address fears and anxiety that occur due to some unknown factors. These could be in children and adults who are shy and sensitive. This is a great treatment for people with anxiety that is linked with meeting new people and going out.