Baccarat Toro-A Smooth Honduran Cigar That’s Low in Cost

Usually cigars from Honduras are a bit on the robust side. Yet the Baccarat Toro,is not bold at all, and makes folks happy with its sweet and relaxing flavors. These cigars are a fine contender for a beginner type of smoke, as its as mild as any other on the market, and you cannot beat the price. Baccarat’s have been produced for a long time, and they have always been considered a good value, due to their quality. There’s no denying that Baccarat has been able to deliver on a decent cigar, that will not break your piggy bank. In fact, the Baccarat Toro could also be a fine “change of pace”, for experienced smokers.

The best part about the Baccarat Toro, is its sugary sweet flavors. I really like this, and you will notice it as soon as you light it. Firing it up takes mere seconds, and a guillotine cut brings flavors of that sugar, along with a velvety finish that are easy on your palate. The smokes sweet aroma, makes it attractive for those around you, and I like how it just has some lavender notes, that are subtle. Is this the most complex cigar out there? No, but it does offer a good flavor, that can provide for anytime smoking opportunities. Whether you have this in the morning with a cup of coffee or tea, or after dinner, the Baccarat Toro is a relaxing cigar.

Although it lacks some strong notes, I do admire the appearance of this smoke. Its a fine looking product, with a light brown wrapper, with a minimal amount of veins. The smoothness from cap to head is phenomenal, and you can chew on these, and they will take your abuse with aplomb. You cannot beat the burn rate, which is even throughout, and there will be a couple of inches hanging off of these 6×50 cigars. The smoke volume is excellent, regardless of which cut style you use, and this cigar usually lasts around an hour.

Can you find a better cigar? Yes, but not for $3.25 each. These are among the lowest priced stogies out there, but they did not skimp on quality. Baccarat’s Toros have well aged tobacco in them, and a taste that is different from anything else on the market. A lot of my friends who appreciate more mild cigars, have these on a regular basis. I like them on occasion, as I am more of a full bodied man, but these are excellent for those times when you just want to kick back. They are wonderful for camping trips, and I just love how these hold up so well, from beginning until the end. You can find the Baccarat Toros anywhere, and they are an excellent value, that all cigar smokers should consider trying.