Baby’s Circle Book

Kids love books long before they are able to read. They love looking at the pictures and turning the pages. A good way to ruin your books, though, is to give them to a child. They don’t realize how easy it is to tear the pages, and once they tear one, they really enjoy it! Put away all your good books and make a book just for baby. This book is so simple to make, yet will thrill any child so much, that he or she will play with it often.

It’s not hard to find images with things kids love. Clowns, puppies, kittens, shiny things – there are lots of images that can grab a child’s attention. There are many sources of kids’ images, too. Cut up an old calendar, cut greeting cards, take pictures from a child’s magazine or just download images online. Although you can use any number of images you want, to make a book with as many pages as you’d like, ten or less work great. Cut the pictures into circles that are a little smaller than a CD.

If you don’t have pictures you can just use paper. Cut circles of paper and draw, color or make other pages. For instance, cut a circle of foil to lay on one of the paper circles, sprinkle glitter on another one, glue gift wrap to another, and make other pages featuring things you might have on hand.

In addition to the pictures you’ll need clear contact paper. Buy it at a craft store or at most any place that sells shelf liner or adhesive, clear plastic. Cut two pieces of shelf liner for each page of the book. Cut the shelf liner into circles which are slightly larger than the image circles you’ve cut.

Do whatever you want to enhance the pictures. For example, you can write on them with markers, give a puppy a real ribbon bow or apply glitter to images. When you’re satisfied with the images, place each one between two circles of the contact paper, then press them together well, and trim away the excess contact paper.

Poke a hole at the top of each circle. To give it a nicer look you have the option of adding a small metal eyelet, found at craft stores or fabric stores. The eyelets will also ensure the page won’t rip.

Use a simple key ring to make the book. Just thread each page of the book onto the key ring and you’re finished. The books are so easy to make and your child will really love them. Make ones with various themes, such as a book about dogs, another with pictures of family members, and another featuring baby things. He or she will play with it very often, and as an adult, the child will save the book as a treasured keepsake.