Baby Ward Breach at Fort Sander’s Medical Center

On the beautiful sunny day of December 1, 2009 Taylor Lewis Churchill (TLC) was born a healthy baby boy at Fort Sander’s Medical Center in Sevierville, TN. After receiving a call from my brother early that morning informing us they were at the hospital checking in, we knew how the afternoon was going to be spent. Marina who was four at the time was very excited to be in the private birthing room at Fort Sander’s Medical Center where her newest cousin was quickly on the way for his début in this world.

It was a trip down memory lane for me and my wife who had been in the room down the hall for many lengthy hours four years earlier when our daughter Marina was born on March 23, 2005. Of course, Marina had no recognition of that day, but if you ask her she will tell you she remembers every detail, even being cramped up in her mommy’s belly for nine months. Unbeknownst to any of us, Fort Sanders Medical Center and other hospitals in TN were following strict orders to keep kids and the sick out of the baby wards due to a swine flu scare in TN. We realized this later when Darien, Taylor’s older brother finally got out of school and arrived at the hospital to see his expecting mother.

After discussing the daily events amongst each other, we were headed back to the delivery room to check on the anxious mother’s progress. To our surprise, we were stopped and told that Darien could not go to the birthing room and would have to stay in the waiting area. Darien was disappointed to hear he would not see his mom until after the birth, while Marina, being a quit and calm child, had slipped right past the watchful eye of the ladies at the nurse’s desk going to Fort Sander’s Medical Center baby ward. Marina had been in the back for a relatively long time and seen by at least two of the nurses checking in on the mom, but no one seemed to apprehend that she wasn’t supposed to be there. Marina spent her time in the rocking chair beside the bed and talking to her already tired and weary aunt about names and playing with her latest cousin when he got bigger. Darien on the other hand was relying on us to bring pictures and play video from the room on the camcorder that we brought. He watched his mother smile through the pain on the video and patiently waited as we all did for the moment at hand. The birth went as smooth as anyone could hope and Marina was one of the first few to hold baby Taylor and rock him while he slept.

We have many pictures from the baby ward at Fort Sander’s Medical Center, bought of Marina and now of Taylor. Fort Sander’s Medical Center provided us with comfortable rooms and lifetime of memories. Thank you to the doctors, nurses, and staff at Fort Sander’s Medical Center for delivering two important people in my life.

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