Baby Shower Raffle

It’s no secret why people have baby showers. New parents need lots of diapers, clothing, personal needs and similar things for a baby. It’s quite expensive so friends and family get together to give gifts that get the parents started. As nice as the baby shower gifts are parents still face a huge tab just to get the baby to the toddler stage. You can help them along by participating in a baby shower raffle.

It’s really not much trouble to put together the raffle. You can easily find baby-theme raffle tickets online and print them for free. Of course, you can always create your own raffle tickets, and print them from your home computer. That way, you can create tickets which feature images that go along with the particular theme you have in mind for the baby shower.

Every raffle ticket will have a number and the person hosting the baby shower – or an appointed person – will sell the tickets. Some tickets are made so that they have two numbers. As the tickets are sold, they’re torn in half, and the appointed person keeps half while the buyer takes the second half – and each half contains the same number. Other tickets are made with just one number. As these are sold, the name is written down of the person who purchased the ticket. With this version, the numbers are on a paper, and the name of each buyer is written beside a number.

If you’ve decided on tickets that have two numbers, the seller puts all the numbers in a hat or other container, and draws out a number. If you’re having the type of tickets which feature one number, cut the individual names with their numbers, and draw these from a hat. Or, choose one of the numbers on the paper, before the first ticket is ever sold, and the person who purchases that number will be the winner. Someone not playing in the raffle should be the guardian of the chosen number.

It’s up to you what you raffle off and how much you charge for each ticket. Decide on the approximate number of guests that will be there and allow a few tickets for each person. Not everyone will play in the raffle but it’s best to have too many tickets than not enough. Keep in mind that the money from the raffle will need to be enough to cover the item you’re auctioning as well as generating extra money for the new parents. The item you raffle doesn’t necessarily have to be something you run out and purchase; it can be a like-new object you already have – or more than one item.

Display the object to be raffled at the baby shower. Allow guests to sign up for the raffle any time during the shower but wrap up the sales before any of the guests are ready to go home. Have the drawing at a time that draws near the end of the shower. It’s an exciting way to contribute just a little more to the parents and that beautiful new baby!