Baby I Apologize

Baby I apologize, for all the things that I done in the past.
I know, that I have been a fool for far too long.
I want you to know, It’s not my fault; the thoughts in my head are just too strong.
It’s been hell being put through so much wrong.
And time seems to be moving way to fast.
I always knew that our love wasn’t going to last.
That soon it was going to be a thing of the past.
Only I am so confuse, and this scenario I can’t grasp.
These feelings I have inside of me, I can’t seem to bypass.
Because through my defective heart some how you seem to have trespassed.
And now I don’t want you to leave.
I want you to stay, and to be here with me.
I was a blinded fool, and now that you’re gone, that I can see.
Please baby, why don’t you come back to me?
Come back to me baby! And all my crazy ways!
I promise you I will change, and their will be better days.
Things will be different only if you stay.
So why do you hide?
I thought forever we would stay.
Now you leave me with no kind of play.
My world with out you seems a little grey, and my thoughts are in dismay.
So why baby? Why did you walk away?
Please tell me. Why you leaving me baby?
Is it me, and all my jealous ways?
Or is it because all the other people I talk to, and what they say.
I can’t help it if it’s part of my screenplay.
I’m not a perfect person, and in no way that I portray.
And I promise, that you I haven’t betrayed.
How did our love just drift away?
I can’t stop thinking about you each passing day.
You are one of my true loves.
And I can’t sleep, when you’re in my thoughts.
Sorry baby it was my entire fault.
I let my jealousy get the best of me, and it had to come to a halt.
With out you I feel lost, so lost.
My heart now feels the frost.
And my nights feel to long, to long, singing that blue’s song.
Thinking of what went wrong, and how this came to be.
Your love for me must’ve not been that strong.
All I can say, ‘my love for you was singing that song”.
But its okay, I learn to walk away.
I’m strong, and I’m use to all these crazy ways.
Because there will always be better days.
In this world I am here to stay. But from this I will move on.
These scenarios just feed me more songs.
And new stories of emotions from me will spawn.
Just another chapter for my book has dawn.
I am no superman, and I’m not from Krypton.
But I been there done that, and my heart is just too strong.
For I already sang these songs.
So from these scenes I am no stranger.
It will hurt for a bit, but there is no danger.
I’m not perfect and never claim to be.
All I can do is aspire to be me.
“The Poet Phoenix”