AZ Congressman Schweikert Blames “Liberal” Media for Death Threat: Forgets About Recent Assassination Attempt of Rep Gifford

Arizona Republican Congressman, David Schweikert, went on the “The Dylan Ratigan Show” on Thursday, May 12, and basically railed against what he called “the ability to tell the truth” on the budget situation facing our nation. He mentioned MSNBC and how they dedicated hours of programming on what he framed “should we be taxing big oil more?” Of course, everyone knows that that is not entirely accurate, as oil companies are being subsidized by tax payer dollars; so no, the issue isn’t higher taxes. He went on like this, and even used tricky language to mention how we should “bend the curve” on Medicare, without saying we should eliminate it. So for a guy who wanted to ride the Republican “straight talk” express that Senator McCain has been on and off and back on again, this guy was far from truthful and accurate. And anyone with half a brain knows that the debt situation is complex, and can’t be solved with focusing on one aspect of the budget!

In response to Ratigan’s question about the media’s role in discussing the issue of debt, honestly and addressing its complex dimensions, Rep Schweikert’s said this:

“Thank you for throwing in the media, because I cannot tell you how many times I get up in front of an audience and a hand goes up and I’m called a liar. Good example, I did CSPAN last week where I did my slide show of the truth about the numbers. We actually got a death threat at our office because someone was so offended that I told them the truth. Will the media, will the politicians here look you straight in the eyes and start saying, reality time?”

News flash to the congressman! Have you not heard of Rep Grabielle Gifford, in your own state of Arizona, who was shot in the face in a political assassination attempt; which also resulted in the deaths of six, including a nine-year old girl, and left 13 wounded? Are you that tone deaf? In fact, many have implicated, not directly of course, the dangerous and violent rhetoric directed at Democratic politicians by Republicans, such as Sarah Palin, and Glenn Beck by way of Fox News, (speaking of the media). Fox News’ sole purpose is to bring down the President and Democrats; by any means, including smears, misinformation, and deception. (See Shirley Sherrod, the Birthers, Death Panels, ACORN, Planned Parenthood, etc.).

So please Rep Schweikert, spare me. Don’t confuse a news agency (MSNBC) that reports accurate information and exposes lies and deceptions, with Fox; which deliberately misinforms to push their agenda for the rich and powerful! There is no comparison sir! For a guy who’s supposed to be truthful and honest, I found Rep Schweikert highly insensitive and less than truthful and honest. You can see his interview below and judge for yourself: