Amid the mists of changes, shifts and stops, who are my friends?
In the going and coming, the dying and birthing, where is the constant?
How can I know the true meaning of the passages of my life?
Can I ever touch the essential nature of this living world?
Is there nothing on which the human soul depends with certainty?
Do I abide here on this green and blue planet only to wait for eternity?

Perhaps I have come here on my own behalf, streaming down from eternity.
Perhaps even here I will find the others who knew me there, as friends.
Perhaps with them, in testing love, I can touch certainty.
Perhaps in the apparent risks of extending love, I can remain constant.
Perhaps I can see that peaceful love gently embrace a weary world.
Perhaps I can detach from, and commit to, the passages of my life.

Beyond the world’s highways of rejected routes, lies a narrow path in life;
Streaming down upon me, recognizing me always from eternity;
Waiting to touch me gracefully, with living breath upon this world;
Showing me the perfection in the mistakes of all my friends;
Bringing me to present moments, to the timeless, fearless constant
Of my life: I can depend on this Grace with faithful certainty.

The beauty of my soul has lived in love for all eternity.
The beauty of my mind has given reason to a frightened life.
The beauty of my spirit has remained with me, forever constant,
Knowing one day I would remember who I am with certainty.
The beauty of my relationships remind me that these friends
Are my true link to the eternal in this world.

Then I remain as God created me, even in this world.
Born to know my place with peaceful certainty;
Born to share my certainty with all, since all are friends;
Sharing a broad perspective on a narrow way of life;
Reaching beyond the veiled truths to touch eternity,
And knowing that here on earth, peace can be constant.

On this narrow path, I sense a greater love, a constant
Friend that helps me gladly give up grieving for a dying world.
In the touch of laughter and in silence, streams eternity;
Into my soul and mind and body, breathing light and certainty;
Centering me in the context of creation’s endless life;
Embracing that greater presence in union with my friends.

In the changing is the constant, and in the doubting all the certainty;
Within the problems of the world lie the solutions for a life
Of peace-eternity shared in holy instants with friends.