Avon Perfect Wear Plump & Stay Lip Color

“Good Product”

For years I have been on the search for a legitimate long wear lipstick. Some I found were not long lasting at all. Others made my lips so dry it hurt. Then there were some that would wear off unevenly or blotchy. And lastly the dreaded ones that made the skin on my lips peel.

I decided to give my search one more shot when the Avon Perfect Wear Plump & Stay lip color was on sale in my Avon brochure. To start off the product comes in a 2 part tube much like a lip gloss wand. On one end is the lip color that is very pigmented & rich in texture. Once applied it dries to a matte finish. The other end of the tube is a clear shiny moisturizing plumping gloss that has a subtle scent of Cinnamon. After I applied the lip color I let it set on my lips for 30 seconds to a minute. Not touching it or rubbing my lips together to allow it to do it’s job. After that I applied the gloss which at first did make my lips tingle just a tad, but the sensation went away fast. So if you are someone who does not like the tingle lip plumpers give you- no worries it goes away. The clear gloss does not have shimmer or glitter in it. Just gloss. It is so glossy it looks like glass or water over your lips. The high sheen I found made my narrow lips look full and luscious. The lip color was pigmented like lipstick from a tube.

So far so good. Good color, nice shine & my lips appeared fuller. But the real test was still to come. The entire reason I tried the product… to see if it lasts most of the day. I proceeded to drink some coffee, eat a snack. Then hopped in my car to run some errands all the while sipping my bottled water. As the hours ticked by my lips felt comfortable. Not tight or dry. I applied my favorite sheer lip gloss over in just once to moisturize, but the color never needed a touch up. Finally later in the evening I get home and decide to sit down and fully inspect the results.

The color did fade, but only slightly. I actually like it better then initial application because it is dark/pigmented when first applied. The wear/fading was even so it still looked well kept & neat. Some long wear I’ve noticed the center of your lips would wear off leave you looking like you had a ring of lip liner on and nothing else.

When I drank my coffee & water no color came off on the glass. So it is transfer resistant. Bring on the kisses!!

As I mentioned I did us a different lip gloss as a touch up later. Using something other then the intended gloss that came in the tube did not affect the lipstick. It did not weaken the long wear affect or cause it to break down. Which I was happy about because being able to use a different top coat or lip gloss if I wanted was a plus. It allows you to subtlety change your look. Lighten or darken the long wear color. So another plus is that it’s versatile.

Over all I liked this product allot. It did what it was supposed to do for me with out any side affect.

I would recommend this to anyone in need of a lipstick they can put on in the morning and not worry about re-applying all day long. This is nice for long hours at work or for a night out and you don’t want to bring in your purse to carry lipstick to re-apply.

Shades: Berry Enduring,Pink For Life,Always Mocho,Wine,Peach