Avoiding the Flu at Work

We maybe nearing the end of the flu season, but there is still plenty of it to go around. Just look around the office, the sneezing and coughing can be heard from cubicles and workstations. Since we are also at the beginning of allergy season, it is quite difficult to distinguish between flu and allergies. When working in close quarters, there are precautions needed in order to create a healthier environment.

A properly ventilated room can be very helpful in keeping airborne organisms away from yourself or your colleagues. Makes sure every now and then, you crack open a window and let some air flow throughout the room. If there is a “no open window” policy, then try to maintain a regulated thermostat. The air-conditioning can be set at a comfortable temperature like 70 degrees and this can be helpful in circulation around your workspace. Certainly living in Southern California, the weather is mild even in the winter time, so leaving the windows open will be a pleasant experience year-around.

Pack a healthy lunch, especially during the flu season. Stock up on vegetables and fruits as much as possible. The bet way for your body to absorb vitamins and minerals is through eating green or leafy vegetables. For instance, try cauliflower, tomatoes, citrus fruits, guavas, and sliced pineapples. They can be delicious snacks and good for you.

Perhaps the best way to avoid bring to flu home to your loved ones is to distance yourself from sick individuals. Most offices should have sick days and sick employees should really stay home and rest. However, once in a while you get an individual who feels well enough to come to work or to meet that project deadline. In such a case avoidance is the number one solution. Communication should be limited to phone and email until the employee feels better and can no longer spread germs or viruses.

The best way to create a healthier lifestyle at work is to wash your hands frequently. This will guarantee most germs and microbes are destroyed through contact. Shaking hands can be a normal part of workplace culture, as long as it is followed by a trip to the restroom to wash with soap and warm water.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle begins with the individual. Smoking, excessive alcohol-in-take, and lack of sleep all contribute to an environment where bacteria can grow easier and faster. Try and gradually give-up these habits and you will be way ahead of the game.

Finally, try and get a flu shot at the beginning of every flu season. You will be surprised at the results. And do not forget to drink plenty of liquids. Drinking water and green tea can be very valuable to flushing unwanted organisms from your body.

Every society tends to deal with cold and flu a bit differently. For instance, in Asia, most sick individuals are seen wearing a surgical mask on the street or at work. It is a great way to stop spreading germs and bacteria. However, this has not caught on in United States and Canada. Maybe people feel it looks awkward in some way, but the fact is such system is needs to be adopted as it can be quite beneficial.