AViIQ Smart Case for IPad 2: Reviewed

The AViiQ Smart Case, which is was designed in California like Apple’s products themselves, serves to provide the end user with a case that both protects the aluminum backing on the iPad 2 from scratches and works with Apple’s Smart Cover; thus eliminating the need to get rid of your awesome smart cover.

Design wise, the Smart Cover is a stunner. In fact the low profile case only adds 1.5mm of thickness to the iPad and weighs in at just over a quarter of a pounds, making this case on the thinnest and lightest on the market currently. Equally important, are the multitude of colors available which nicely match the iPad 2 Smart Cover. More specifically, the case comes in colors of Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Black, Silver and Pink. The color corresponds to the coloring of the aluminum on the case which is surrounded by silver ABS or Acrylonitirile Butadiene Stryene. Both materials feel smooth and similar to the naked backing of the iPad 2.

In relation to access to ports, the Smart Case provides easy access to all port on the device. More specifically, cutouts are in place for the headpone jack, the camera, the 30 pin dock connector, the volume rocker, the mute/lock rotation switch, the sleep/wake button and even the infinitesimal microphone. Perhaps the coolest port, though, is the opening for the speaker grill which simply looks awesome. In addition, the case has a cut out on the left side of the iPad to allow for easily “docking” of the Apple Smart Cover to the Apple iPad 2.

Like I stated earlier, this case works flawlessly with the awesome Apple Smart Cover. You can still fold up your smart cover to create an elevated typing experience or a movie stand due the the case having such a low profile.

There are some downsides; however. Furthermore, the case will initially make the iPad feel significantly thicker and heavier but that is simply a result of holding the the naked iPad for quite some time. Secondly, this case will set you back a solid $49.99 which is quite expensive; however, when you compare it with the Apple Smart Cover (Leather) it is $20 cheaper.

In conclusion, the AViiQ Smart Case provides you with good protection against scratches while still working with the Apple Smart Cover which is awesome by itself. As long as the price is not an issue, I highly recommend that users check this case out at AViiQ.com

Low Profile (1.5mm Thick and 0.25 lbs)
Awesome Design
Multiple Color Options
Similar Feel to the iPad 2

Rather Expensive
Adds a little bit of weight