Avery Brewing Partnership with Savory Cuisine Catering

Avery Brewing Co. has grown in business since opening their taproom in Boulder, Colorado and with that Avery has built a partnership with Savory Cuisine Catering.

C.V. Howe, the Marketing Director and spokesperson for Avery, said in a recent email interview that Avery has always wanted to serve food in their taproom, but focused more at what they are best at, brewing beer. They had vendors at the taproom that would offer food on Avery’s busy nights, Thursday through Saturday, but they weren’t consistently available. The customers at Avery Brewing have grown in numbers that a good reliable food source was need to be available Monday through Saturday. They noticed that when customers had food, they tended to stay longer at the taproom.

Bob Sargent, who owns Savory Cuisine which is located just across the alley in the industrial park from Avery Brewing, had two kitchens in his catering location and due to the recession, he didn’t need them both. He rented one kitchen for a while but was losing money. He would see many people in the parking lot and had an idea to open a street walk up window where he could serve food for lunch and dinner. He talked to Adam Avery to have his catering wait staff deliver at the taproom on the weekends, which Bob Sargent said in an interview at the taproom, that the weekends were paying for themselves but was going bust on the other days. He did say that the window would have workers from the industrial park walk up for lunch but it wasn’t enough.

Meanwhile the taproom at Avery Brewing had grown so much that they started doing table service instead of customers having to order their beers at the bar. They got electronic ordering devices where the wait staff can order the beers then the ticket is printed up at the bar.

In Late January of 2011, Adam Avery (owner of Avery), Steve Breezley (Director of Operations), John Moldenhauer (Chief Financial Officer), and Phil Vaughn (Taproom Manager) got together with Bob Sargent to partner the catering company with the taproom.

The Avery Brewing taproom has 20 taps and two casks pull engines. They have an assortment of beers to suit anyone’s flavor from Joe’s pilsner at 4.6% alcohol to the Beast, a Grand Cru that tops at 15.0% alcohol. They release a specialty beer on Friday’s such as a dry-hopped Dugana, a double IPA.

The printed menu of Savory Cuisine can be located on each table at the taproom where the wait staff will order the food and beer for you. Savory Cuisine offers a wide selection of food from appetizers, pizzas, hot and cold sandwiches, and salads. My favorite sandwich is the chicken bacon wrap with avocado, greens, tomato, and pesto mayonnaise and it’s delicious.

It has been a success that the wait staffs from the Savory Catering are now working for Avery Brewing Co. It’s a win-win situation that the future is looking great for both companies. Avery Brewing Co will be celebrating its 18th Anniversary in August and Savory Cuisine has been operating in Boulder for 8 years.

Avery Brewing Co
5757 Arapahoe Avenue, Suite A1
Boulder, Colorado
(303) 440-4324

Savory Cuisine
5741 Arapahoe Avenue, Suite 1A
Boulder, Colorado
(303) 547-7767

C.V. Howe
Bob Sargent