Average American Model Versus Average American Woman

Who is the average American woman? Well, guess what- she sure as hell isn’t the average American model by any means. Scary thought- we have the constant pressure to be perfect, and the media sure isn’t on our side. From brandishing celebrity asses all over magazines exploiting their cellulite and therefore calling them inferior to constantly showing off the average American woman only when she has lost an amazing amount of weight in a few short months, we seem to constantly get the short stick.

Look at it this way- the average American woman is 5′ 4″ tall and weighs 140 pounds. That sounds about right, and many of us are comfortable with this assumption. We see these type of women walking around every day. Well, the average American model weighs a scant 117 pounds, and is an Amazonian 5′ 11″ tall! To put it in simple math, for every inch the average American woman has in height, she also owns 2 pounds of weight. In comparison, the average American model weighs 1.6 pounds per inch in height. Huh. So, how does this affect us average ladies?

Well, look at all those commercials! Even those Reebok Easytone commercials show super-thin ladies showing off their tight asses and firm thighs wearing “toning” shoes and pants. Excuse me?! These women need toning gear like I need another cigarette- why show already stick-thin (and gorgeous) ladies in toning gear? Why not show some short chick with some meat on her bones smiling in the same cute tops and pants? Oh- it’s because we’re not SUPPOSED to want to be ‘average’, we’re supposed to want to be “that” girl!

I’m all for being healthy and in shape, but I’m not all for being a size 0 when your body wants to be a 4, an 8, a 12. While I am far beneath the average woman and well under range of being a supermodel, at 4′ 11″ and 85 pounds, I still feel that pressure to fit somewhere in between. Why is it that pants that are my size are also 7 inches too long? Or an xsmall T-shirt sags at the shoulders because I have no boobs to fill it? The next time I see a size 0 5′ 6″ chick with DD boobs walking around, I’ll let the clothing industry know- but when I see a pair of jeans actually catered to the average American woman and flattering tops to go with it, then I’ll really be amazed. What- if you’re average, you’re invisible? As far as I can tell, unless you’re into those maternity looking shirts and super high-waisted pants, if you’re average, you’re also frumpy. I think it’s sad.

Why not average? Why not have American ideals actually take pride in the shorter, thicker, and likely happier, female? Many may argue that the average height and weight ratio of the average American woman is unhealthy and overweight, but that isn’t the point. The point is, the average is not being catered to. It’s either be perfect or be subpar, whoever you are. It only makes sense that average be revered since it is what it is- why only show average ladies in magazines and on TV if they have lost weight to fit America’s standards? It doesn’t make any sense, at least not to me. If you love your body, why can’t the rest of America? Why can’t they have an average-sized woman in a commercial smiling over her clean dishes (even those chicks are like a size 2, fitting into their khaki pants just perfectly)? It just doesn’t make any sense. In all the media surrounding us to fit a certain standard, where on earth is that 5′ 4″ 140 pound lady in all the mix? Not in commercials, not on TV, certainly not on the front cover of magazines.

Why can’t average be exceptional?