Automobilia – One of the Most Popular & Best Collectibles Investments that You Can Make for Yourself or Dad!

“Automobilia.” The term used in the trade for anything collectible that has to do with cars – from posters, early car magazines and ads for cars, accessories, license plates, early tools, to entire cars.

And these investments come in every price range – from a few dollars that you can find in antique shops, brick and mortar auction houses, and online, to millions for the rarest of the rare cars available through specialty, brick and mortar auction houses around the world. These investments have shown great financial returns over the last 80 years – equal to, or better than any other investment out there. There’s something that Dad can and should study online when there is nothing else to do.

Here are a few very good auto related collectibles and investments as Father’s Day gifts that keep on giving:

1. Early Posters featuring cars
2. Early Ads featuring cars – Brochures, Promotional Cards and Accessories, Etc.
3. Early Car Magazines
4. Early License Plates – Early “Vanity” Plates especially
5. Early Mechanic’s tool sets
6. Entire Cars – if they are within your budget
7. And actually anything else early that has anything to do with cars is a great collectible investment.

And 8 – so to speak, if Dad likes to collect such things, here is another Father’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary, any day really, suggestion. Search online for brick and mortar auction houses that sell “Automobilia” – posters, tools, etc., or that sell cars, and the like, if your budget can afford such investments. Most metro areas will have several brick and mortar auction houses, many sell “Automobilia” from time to time, so you may find one where Dad can actually go to exhibitions and bid on things at auction from time to time. Either way, contact the auction house and subscribe to their printed, hopefully illustrated, catalogs and post-sale price lists. This Reference Library will keep Dad busy for hours studying the descriptions and values/sales prices for those things that interest him most in this area of collectibles, and in this portion of his Investment Portfolio. By the way, auto related “Reference Libraries” are great investments too – Books are great collectible investments.

And, in closing, that is how it should be considered. Collectibles are a very good way to broaden and diversify any investment portfolio. In tough times, investors tend to move towards investments that they can see, hold onto, touch, etc. – and these surely qualify. So in times when other investments may fall in value, collectibles tend to increase in value. And in good times when all investments are doing well, so will collectibles. Plus, as I always say, you, and Dad in this case, get to live with and enjoy them daily as they go up in value. That is tough to do with a Share or Bond from AT&T or the like.