Automobile Accidents and Chiropractic Care

Car accidents can cause disastrous damage to your body. While some injuries will be seen or felt immediately after the accident, some injuries appear weeks, months or even years later. When you cut a finger, it is bleeding. When you break your leg, the bone will be broken instantly. But when you are a victim of whiplash, you might only realize it months or years later. It is sometimes very hard for the patient to make the link between the accident and the pain.

Why? There are many reasons:

  • It was a minor accident

  • They didn’t feel anything at that time

  • It happened a long time ago

  • Attention is only given to obvious injuries

  • No symptoms = no injuries

You would be surprised if I told you how often this situation occurs! Pain is a clear signal from our body that something is wrong, and not understanding why the signal is sent can be stressful factor for many patients. Don’t wait until the pains awakens. Take action directly after the accident.

What Is Whiplash Exactly?

Whiplash describes an injury related to a violent distortion of the neck. The term is commonly associated with automobile accidents, but whiplash is the same whether you fall from a stool or off a bicycle. The biomechanics of whiplash follow a movement from the back as the shock travels upward. This abrupt shake of the head can cause severe damages to the neck. Muscles, ligaments and tendons are often stretched or even torn.

Symptoms Of Whiplash

Symptoms include pain and aching to the neck, back and shoulders. Some patients report sensory disturbance to the arm and legs. Serious cases of headaches are also commonly reported. In fact, following whiplash, the muscles surrounding the spinal cord are tensed to protect the neck from any additional injury. This is a common reflex of the body to protect itself and explains the pains in the neck and shoulders. The headaches are associated with an abnormal reaction of the brain.

But my car is OK – “

You don’t need to be involved in a high-speed collision or in a violent impact to be the victim of a vertebral subluxation! Most of the injuries happen between six and 12 mph, according to the Spine Research Institute of San Diego. Even an accident at a speed lower than six mph can cause whiplash, especially if there has been a previous injury. So, don’t hesitate to go to your chiropractor after an accident. Don’t let the pain remind you to finally take action because it will be too late!

Don’t Take Any Risk When It Comes To Your Health!

After being victim of an accident, it is a necessity to have an examination by a chiropractor, even if it was a minor accident! Even though immediate action is preferable, it is never too late to take action. If you didn’t pay a visit to your chiropractor after a previous accident, do it now! Even a small bump that occurred 30 years ago can cause you severe pains tomorrow.

Whiplash is a very common injury, and most people have no knowledge about the condition.