Author Interview with Jessica Kristie

I’m excited to introduce to you another wonderful writer I met online, Jessica Kristie, not just a writer, but an amazing friend who is there for her friends like family with helpful advice and support for other writers/artists/ and musicians. Her poetry really speaks volumes to me so getting the chance to interview her and her upcoming book “Dreaming in Darkness” was a wonderful experience to find out more about it.

Here is our interview:

~ Hey Jess, I’m excited to finally get a better opportunity to converse with you about your incredible writing talents, and your book!
One of the things I’ve been wondering is, when did you realize your passion for writing, I mean more that kind of TRUE realization?

Jess: Thank you sweetie! you are way too kind. ♥♥
Great question! I realized more of a need than a passion at first. That need hit early as a child and I found out that writing really helped with healing my emotions and moving on from things quicker. The passion probably hit in Junior high/high school with love and romance entered my world. It was a great way to get excited about writing out my emotions and a then having it be a beautiful expression and relief at the same time.

~ I love your writing and understand that need placement, being a writer myself. How long have you been writing your book:Dreaming In Darkness? Has the work been collected over a number of years?

Jess: Actually yes, there are some pieces that are from several years ago and maybe one or two from 5 or more years ago. I have had a big surge in writing over the last two years. It comes more from my ability to focus on my writing lately, and not get so caught up in everything else in my world. :) So technically it is years worth of writing. My second book will be more recent pieces and an evolution in my skill and technique.

~One of the things that I really enjoy even on your blog, is this projection of emotion in your writing; blunt and true positions in life when things are not so easy; things that most everyone can relate to or get something from, so in my personal opinion I feel they will be reading an absolutely rewarding anthology coming from you. What would you really like your readers to get from it?

Jess: Thank you! I appreciate that.
I really just hope that each person who reads Dreaming in Darkness can walk away with AT LEAST one piece that they can identify and connect with. That they can find words within my pages that speak to them in a way that helps them realize they are not alone in any emotion they may feel. I write to remind myself that and to remind everyone else… we are NOT alone. ♥

~I smile as I read your title to your book: Dreaming in Darknessbecause when I write even there’s a contrasting symbolism to life that I feel, I felt that immediately seeing the title. How would you describe coming up with yours? :)

Jess: You are right, life is full of contrasts… good and bad. My writing can be dark but there is so often hope weaved throughout. I try to encourage strength and the ability to always find a way to rise above. I wanted to find a title that encompassed the somber feel of the words inside, but also portrayed a bit of light. Dreaming is often whimsical and gives us a certain amount of control if we can capture that. Inside my darkness I always try to find time to dream… even if it is just dreaming of a way to turn the light on. :) When I put Dreaming in Darkness together, it seemed like the perfect fit for the book. The picture I chose also needed to relay all those feelings and I think it also captures the hopeful somberness of the words inside.

~ Something in me told me I’d sort of know your reply to that question! Beautiful as you are, and so very fitting a title.
~ I sense this incredible personality in you too that has me asking, what are the next steps that you anticipate for this work? I know I’ve seen the fabulous trailer and a few other things passed along, where can your readers find you in the coming future and where can they obtain this book?

Jess: Lol, well I guess that means you know me well! ♥♥ xoxox
For this book in-particular I just want it to be read and enjoyed. I have a second book I hope to get out soon as well as working on my first novel. My readers can always find me on my blog, Twitter or Facebook where I will keep them up to date with my whereabouts and upcoming projects. I do have lots of fun things in the pipeline. My blog is my main source of news release. Under the “Press” section you can see a list of some of the places I have been seen so far. I will continue to keep that list updated.

Dreaming in Darkness will be available on Amazon and Fictionwise (a subsidiary of Barnes & Noble) on ebook and then on paperback a few months after the ebook release.
Check out the Trailer Here:
Twitter: @JessKristie

Again a huge thank you to Jess for this interview, definitely looking forward to checking out this book!
Dreaming in Darkness will be available in a few short weeks, I will update this blog post as soon as it becomes available to me! STAY TUNED! ~ I’ve also added her link to my aStore where I’ve collected some amazing authors/friends under KINDLE Products & eBooks:

LATEST UPDATE!! ~ April 2, 2011 ~ Via Jessica Kristie ~> Read my blog post here.
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