Author Interview with Donna Cavanagh

So here it is, the first of my interviews on my blog with some fantastic writers/authors/ and poets I’ve had the pleasure to meet online!

~I’m excited to introduce you to one of my favorites that I actually encountered on Associated Content, and soon discovered in her, a fantastic friend with uplifting verses and absolutely hysterical humor articles: Donna Cavanagh ~ ( @dtcav on Twitter )

~ For starters Donna, I have to say, I really do love your writing skills, both in poetic form as well as humor, of your books, which one do you feel the best in? How did you decide to go ahead and publish?

Thank you April! To be honest, I am so comfortable in humor. I feel like it’s home. The poetry was started for a friend, but it’s not my comfort zone. I just love to make people smile a bit. I published because people kept prodding me to do so, and it seemed like an exciting challenge.

~ It’s funny you say that, because I find that poetry writing skill really quite rewarding. Honestly I could use sometimes those positive direct poems that are so straight-forward.
I love the humor, you are fantastic at it! When you write some of this stuff, are they true to actual feelings of certain issues, or the whole just being silly notion?

The humor columns are mostly all true. They are experiences I truly had. Sure, there might be exaggeration but mostly they are true. My newest book is totally not true. And by the way, If I had your gift for poetry, I would go to the poetry too.

~ LOL, you certainly make me chuckle, that’s one of the things that drew me to your work immediately, just not afraid to speak your mind no matter what anyone else may think!
What are some of your up and coming plans with your latest book, anything set yet? Where can we obtain copies?

Thanks again, April. Sometimes I love the shock factor even when some people yell at me! My latest book Reality: Fantasy’s Evil Twin is on in paperback and kindle. It is a different work in that it is written in the second person. “You” are the main character. It is an exaggerated look at relationships and family – how we imagine them to be and how they really are. I am going to do a few book signings and maybe a radio appearance as well. Just trying to get it out there like all writers. HA HA

~ Love it, that sounds fantastic, and really even with the humor in mind I think it also speaks for the fact that as young women, and even sometimes men have these “fairy tale” romances in mind etc. but life…well…anyway this is a great depiction, and I’m sure your readers will truly enjoy and get an honest to goodness laugh. When did you begin this love for the writing itself, because I’m sure this one won’t be the last either?

I always loved to write. I used to write plays in grammar school and parodies in high school and college. Is there more coming? Yes, I hope so. I am working on a screenplay with another writer and writing the text for a new comic book. I also have a traditional novel in the works and another humor column book almost ready to go. I hate being idle. Can you tell?

~ This sounds wonderful Donna, and other areas altogether different to work from. I think it is great you’re not “idle” because it gives those fans something else to look for through your work! ;) Yes I could tell, lol, glad to finally catch up to you!
What is it you’d like your readers to really get from the work you do, besides the obvious laughter, because generally when I read your writing, I also see that positivity in it that you carry through in your poetry?

I think the poetry is about optimism. I think optimism is a good thing and is highly underrated. With my humor, I hope I can get people to relate. Even in the craziest situations, I want people to say, “Yes, that would happen to me” or “I can see that happening.” I want people to feel empathy, compassion and maybe love. I hope that comes through in my family oriented pieces especially.

~ I definitely see that in your work, and I hope others do too! Well I certainly hope they take the time to review your work more, it’s definitely worth it! Thanks so much for taking time here with me too!

Thank you April for taking the time to highlight my work. I do appreciate it. I look forward to catching up with you and your work as well. ~ Absolutely!!

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