Authentic Chinese Food in Chiang Mai

Panda Palace

A charmingly appointed Chinese restaurant, the Panda Palace lets you take a peek into the traditional teahouses of ancient China, with plush seats and d©cor tailored around red silk, mother-of-pearl camphor wood panels and-last but not least-excellent Dim Sum (Cantonese cuisine, usually steamed or fried items, served on small plates or in wooden baskets) from shrimp dumplings, meat balls, spare ribs, goose feet, turnip cakes and fried taro dumplings. Don’t miss their steamed custard buns or vegetable spring rolls! With a wide-ranging and comprehensive menu, they are not limited to Dim Sum items but also offer excellent barbecued honeyed pork, Peking duck, stir-fried Chinese noodle, fried rice, crispy lemon chicken, sweet-and-sour spare ribs, shark fin soup and more that will make you feel just like you are dining at the table of an emperor from the distant past. You can pick your desired portion size (small, medium, large) for most menu items. High-quality chrysanthemum tea, both hot and cold, is served with every meal. This restaurant is open from 11.30 AM to 2 PM, and then again from 6 PM to 9 PM for dinner. Price range is medium to high depending on the food you are ordering (i.e. Dim Sum is considerably cheaper than shark fin or Peking duck); on average expect to spend $10-20 per person while dining here, and a little less if you opt for their luncheon buffet, which mostly consists of Dim Sum and fried dishes. It can be found in the city center on Chang Klan Road.

Him Pochana

Distinguished by its garden setting and moderate, diner-friendly meal rates, this open-air building is surrounded by a stream and offers both Thai and Chinese cuisines in its repertoire. The tables are set with Chinese-style round carousels and the menu is nothing short of huge; the d©cor is simplistic but endearing, complete with a Chinese ancestral shrine in one corner. Him Pochana is located in Doi Saket on the Chiang Mai-Lamphun road, and is best known for its fish and pork dishes, the former of which is remarkably fresh and well-seasoned.

Jia Tong Heng

A two-floor building restaurant located near Anusarn Market (part of the Night Bazaar area), this restaurant is best known for its ginger fish dish. Private rooms are available but don’t expect too much from its ambience, as in true old-school Chinese style you will be sitting through a lot of loud chatter and kitchen noises. The premise itself is somewhat long overdue for a renovation, with both floor and walls well-worn by time and feet. If you go there for the food, however, you should meet with no disappointment (albeit the desserts are not particularly recommendable).

Shanghai Restaurant

Rather unusual in that it offers Shanghai cuisine, whereas most Chinese restaurants in Chiang Mai go for Cantonese (hence the proliferation of Dim Sum of all sorts). Run by a Chinese businessman, this eatery is situated inside the China Town area, which is where the famous Warorot Market lies.

Yod Aroy

A simple, down-to-earth eatery that combines Thai and Chinese cuisine in the business district; the prices can’t be beat, but you will be getting what you pay for (though that is not necessarily bad) and the food is definitely authentic.